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Beautiful Sun

"Beautiful Sun" is a blog I started after realizing that the blog I had been writing for, "Collapse Board" was censoring me solely to prevent me from learning more or reporting the truth about the deliberate sabotage and blacklisting of Portland musician Chris Newman (I did publish one article on Chris' band Napalm Beach on Collapse Board - the process of writing it was in fact what caused me to see the patterns of blacklisting). At some point in late 2013 I began to understand that some artists were using coded language to communicate about this, and so I started my own blog to explore this further. It would be several months before I realized that all artists - and others - use this same coded language.

As I write this now, in June 2019, I realize that the blacklisting happened to both Chris and I (this realization happened in late 2017), and that it's a covert system that has enslaved our families for at least 500 years and which is completely interlocked with the history of western art. The system itself is much older, pre-Christian, linked to Rome, and possibly to ancient Egypt. Occult numerology is a big part of it, and it is through this numerology that it became clear to me that there have been systematic murders of my family members going back at least to the late 18th century. In 2019 I learned that the Statue of Liberty is connected to one of my grandmothers who was likely murdered at age 43.

I stopped writing this blog in December 2014, thinking and hoping that the system would end, as it had by then been a full year since I'd discovered the crime. I was made to understand that if I showed good faith in the system ending, it would end. This is why I stopped writing at that point.

I was made to understand a lie. This crime is pervasive, entrenched, brutal, and based on lies. It only survives because large numbers of people - including the press - collectively give up their voices and their rights in order to submit to a system of open corruption. They take the favors it offers and in return, tolerate atrocities they wouldn't tolerate in any other context: trafficking and exploitation of children, forcing of children to participate in exploitation of other children, voyeurism, drug trafficking, covert manipulations of human lives, violence and all kinds of lies and cover ups. It includes satanic ritual abuse, mutilations, and sacrifices of animals and humans. Even the 9/11 attacks were planned and carried out as part of this system.

I see no sign that the horrors enacted by this system will end unless humanity as a whole exercises their rights, exposes it, and demands that it ends.

The entries in the Beautiful Sun blog reflect how I understood this situation in 2014. This is something I've had to figure out without anyone actually telling me what is going on, and while dealing with a lot of abuse, cover ups, and misdirection. My understanding has evolved a lot since 2014, but I've decided to leave this blog primarily for two reasons: one is that it does contain a lot of important information which is not publicly available in any other place, and until the crime ends, it is important for as much information as possible to be out there. The other reason is that I was medically kidnapped in January 2014, supposedly based on two things: one was a bunch of lies told by my mother and others, and the other was my blog posts. So leaving this blog live is part of my effort at transparency.

The main "problem" with this blog is the emphasis in blame - in other words, I placed a lot of blame on people who I now see as essentially being other victims. This is related to trauma based mind control and the practice of raising child "soldiers" to perpetuate systematic abuse and exploitation. MKULTRA was part of this system. Olympia, Washington and Evergreen College was (and possibly still is) a key node in the MKULTRA abuse and the associated media-based voyeurism and human trafficking system. However, it's pretty clear that all colleges have taken part in this, some even to the point of developing covert kill systems (Cal Berkeley).

Part of my goal is to end MKULTRA type mind control "programs" completely. Right now it is actually so entrenched in university and hospital systems, I think that it is a serious existential threat not just to the United States but the whole planet. It teaches people to live, breathe, eat, sleep, and believe in lies, simply so that these same people can be led, controlled, and when the time comes, eliminated. MKULTRA, which is completely entangled with the older slavery system built around my family, is at its core a Nazi system with a happy-face superimposed over the top. It is at its core every bit as evil, criminal, and dangerous any other Nazi system is or was.

My goal at first was to end the industry blacklisting against Chris Newman and his music. Today my goal is to end the Nazi mind control system and all its atrocities.

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