Buck the boncentration bamps, I’m just bicken back being bool.

I talked a bit about the “Mr. Hilter” skit at the end of the previous article. I mentioned that I believe the farmer character in the skit represents Chris even though Chris was only 16 when “The Naked Ant” was filmed in December 1969, telling me that Chris was being vetted at a very young age.

Screenshot showing farmer and industrialist: Monty Python - Season 1 Episode 12 - Mr. Hilter

When the farmer is asked what he thinks about “Mr. Hilter,” he responds, “Well I don’t like the sound of these here boncentraton bamps,” replacing the “c’s” with “b’s”. (7:08-7:13 in the following clip), and seconds later, you see “Mr. Bimmler” dressed in the farmer’s clothing (7:25) saying that “Mr. Hilter” is “wunderbar.” And then he takes a drag off of his cigarette.


Why are all the C’s swapped for B’s?

I think the letter “C” represents the word “see.” (The farmer can’t “see.”) As far as the letter “B,” my best guess is that it represents the word “Bee” – though it could be either “blue” or “blood.” (Heck, it could be all three!)

Bees are “bugs” that fly around, are striped like tigers, and have poisonous stings.

Similarly, rapper YG swaps both a K and a C for B’s in his song “Bicken Back Being Bool.” “Kicking back being cool” is something we’d say in California. I think it’s California surfer slang because I remember being on a train in Germany in the ’80s and some Americans from Boston came into my car, and once they determined that I, too, was an American, they asked me what I was doing. I said I was “just kicking back” and they laughed their asses off like it was the funniest thing they had ever heard. They teased me for being Californian all the way to Vienna.

Without subtext, “kicking back being cool” means to relax, not causing any trouble. Except in this case, there’s that word play on “back” (the sun is in back), and YG pronounces that last word like “bull,” a double entendre on the meat/ranching money, maybe also BOWLing GREEN Park near WALL street which features a bronze statue of a “charging bull.” The bull was installed as a piece of guerrilla art paid for, sculpted, and installed by Italian-American artist Arturo DeModica in 1989.

YG’s pronunciation of “bool” also sound a bit like the word BOLD, which is like the word BLOOD with the L and the O inverted.

photo of Wall Street charging bull statue

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