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Decoding the Cherry Tree

Here’s the first song I ever learned to play on guitar. From the Mel Bay songbook. I was eight. It’s good to finally understand what it means.

McCartney - 1970I finally discerned that there is a puzzle I’m supposed to solve. Trés Treasure Island. Thanks to the guy who wore a tie with a map on it. I have corners at Olympia, L.A. and D.C. I have the Washington Monument, the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower and its shadow, the “I Fell” Tower. I have a railroad, and a golden spike. I have a ruckus raiser and a bowl ravaged of drunken cherries in Malibu, California. 1974. That was 40 years ago.

To get there, I began by thinking about US corporations who incorporate Sun symbolism, names of towns frequently worked into songs, and towns which manufacture the products most associated with the Sun. I placed a green dot on those towns and ended up with a constellation that looks likes the Eiffel Tower (or a horn) rotated exactly 90 degrees and stretched from coast to coast. (And a giant octopus in Texas.)

US map gold spike

The shadow tower with one toe in Olympia and Los Angeles, is probably the more important thing for my purposes, being as it includes Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles, and Washington D.C. Breaking it down further, Olympia, Seattle, and Portland all take a corner, more or less, on the upper northwest leg. In the west, the transcontinental railroad runs almost through the center, like a spine, the line from the west marked in red, the line from the east in blue.

On the terminal corner of the southern leg is Los Angeles and surrounding areas. Off the Washington D.C. tip of the tower, spreading north and south, are the original 13 colonies. The ones that seem most important are New York (business, banking, immigration), and New Jersey, a town with some industrial similarities to the Seattle area (military, shipping).

Seal of New Jersey


Olympia was the Greek town famous for holding the original Olympic Games. It was located in the western region of Elis, a sonic link to Ellis Island in New York, which was christened by the Federal Bureau of Immigration in 1891.

The town of Olympia, Washington was founded in 1859, two years before Seattle. Seven year later, in Paris, painter Édouard Manet unveiled a controversial new work entitled Olympia. In the painting, Olympia is pictured as a nude with milky white skin and brazen stare. She has a gold bangle with a black pearl on her right wrist, a flower on the left side of her head, and a thin black choker tied with a pearl around her neck. Behind her, a black servant offers a nosegay (posy). At the foot of Olympia’s bed is a black cat. The painting was said to have shocked French society, and Olympia is presumed to be a prostitute. Wikipedia claims that “Olympia” was a common name for “prostitute” in France in the 1860s. Specifically in the 1860s? Strange.

Manet - Olympia

The town of Olympia, Washington is said to be named after Mt Olympus which itself was said to be named by an English sea captain in 1788. (We used to go sledding there when we were kids.)

old postcard showing Mount Olympus

Washington’s economy is traditionally strong in timber, fishing, shipping, farming, military, brewing. Unions are historically strong. Olympia is special, though because it’s the State Capitol. This means that for the elite, there has long been a connection to Washington D.C. and the east coast, a connection which would have originally come via the transcontintental railroad.

Golden Spike

Golden Spike

Oh, we got another one, just like the other ones
Another bad ass, another troublemaker

Boys, we gotta man with a dog collar on
You think we oughta’ throw ol’ Spike a bone?

– Tom Petty, “Spike” Southern Accents 1985

If you view my I Fell Tower as a figure with his head in Washington D.C., you can see that the final railroad spike, the golden spike, appears to be his penis. Or belt buckle. To be honest, I think the I Fell Tower (like the Eiffel Tower) looks like a man with his legs bound at the thigh. In that case, the gold spike would be more like a lock or key.

The golden spike was driven with a silver hammer into a tie of California laurel by David Hewes and Leland Stanford with a silver hammer on May 10, 1869. (The hole was pre-drilled. The ceremony was delayed two days by stormy weather and/or labor disputes. Hewes and Stanford swung and missed, but they gave them the hit anyway.)

The transcontinental railroad, the Washington Monument, the Statue of Liberty, and the Eiffel tower were all built in the 1880s, as westward expansion was winding down. Both Liberty and the Eiffel Tower were built in Paris. The Eiffel Tower is made of iron and rests on limestone. Liberty is an iron skeleton made by Gustav Eiffel wrapped in in copper sheets. She was shipped to the United States in 214 crates. The Washington Monument, built over a period of 37 bloody years, is a stone obelisk on the Washington Mall.

These statues tell their stories symbolically, and with numbers. It’s as if they are talking to each other, just like the songs.

Washington Monument

image of lightning striking the Washington Monument
Built between July 4, 1848 and December 6, 1884, the Washington Monument was the tallest structure upon its completion, eclipsing the Cologne Cathedral. It is still the worlds tallest stone structure.

From the front, it looks like a giant inverted railroad spike with a four-sided-pyramid on top. It can also be seen as a pyramid raised toward heaven on a column of stone.

Washington Monument aluminum tipThe top half of the top pyramid is covered with an aluminum “hat” which was intended to act as a lightning rod. The original plan was for the metal cap to be made of copper, bronze, or brass, but aluminum was ultimately chosen. At the time, aluminum was as valuable as silver (wikipedia: aluminum history). The lightning thing is cool, but I think the cap was also intended to be a metal pyramid, an inverted metal cup, and to subtly evoke a colonial schoolhouse dunce cap.

From above, the Washington Monument is a cryptic sundial (there’s our watch). If one could hover directly above, I believe it would look like an eyeball with a square or diamond-pierced pupil.

Washington Monument from above 1919
Washington Monument 1919

“One part of Mills’ elaborate design that was built was the doorway surmounted by an Egyptian-style Winged Sun. It was removed when construction resumed after 1884. A photo can be seen in The Egyptian Revival by Richard G. Carrot.” (Wikipedia Washington Monument)

The monument is marble, granite, and bluestone gneiss and stands 555 feet 5 1⁄8 inches tall. Five is a Sun number. If you add the series of numbers together one by one, you’ll get all kinds of dramatic Tarot cards, ending up at 11. (5+5+5+5+1+8=29=11) The Jack.

As far as the dates, 48 (beginning of construction) and 84 (end of construction) are both 12’s. The aforementioned “Sun Gate” is also seen on Tarot VII, the Chariot, thus linking it with all the 7’s in the Statue of Liberty’s measurements.

I believe the Washington Monument is intended to evoke the memory of George Washington, and clearly it is also intended to connect Washington with the Sun King in a dramatic and humorous way. It may also contain a message about westward expansion. I don’t think it’s an accident that the monument evokes an inverted railroad spike.
Utah seal with Golden Spike
Work on the Washington Monument began in 1848, four months after the end of the Mexican-American War, and right as we entered the most brutal period of American history, as far as American Indians were concerned. A massive, dirty, brutal betrayal was going down, and journalists like Bret Harte couldn’t speak out against these atrocities without fearing for their own lives. Other journalists fueled the flames of hatred with lurid tales fraught with cruel stereotypes.

The westward movement was a simultaneous criss-cross of immigration and what would later be defined as genocide. It was a coordinated event, from the funneling of immigrants from Europe into the west, to the rapes, massacres, stockades, and final crumbs ripped away using whiskey and funny papers. Native children like my daughter’s grandfather and U.S. Navy veteran Archie Thompson were kidnapped and forced to spend their childhoods away from their families in military-style re-education camps, a practice that persisted well into the 20th century. Archie Thompson and countless others, had vast tracts of valuable land stolen using some of the exact same methods that Flying Heart Records used to steal publishing rights from Chris Newman.

Wounded Knee - 4000 teepees 1890

Sacagawea coinLewis & Clark’s journey to the mouth of the Columbia River was the first step in the plan of conquest. The golden spike was the final nail in the coffin. The Americans certainly knew their plans were cruel and unethical, that there would be a “loser” in the form of millions of murdered or displaced American Indians. But they did it anyway. They had their reasons.

Much was written out of the history books, and some back in, but I believe these monuments have always borne witness and suggest a reversal.

555′ 5 1/8″

Hierophant, Wheel, Devil. Judgement. The World + Vision = Jack.

1 is the Magician, 8 is vision, 18 is the Moon, and 1 + 8 = 9. 1/8

Winged Sun

Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty, which is built on a 12 acre island, sports an undeniable number of 7s. Many of her measurements, including her overall height, head, and finger, contain an “extra” inch.

Hedwig and the Angry Inch

One researcher found that this extra inch makes all of Liberty’s measurements, in inches, divisible by 7. (Mibba: The Statue of Liberty and the Illuminai 2011). In terms of the Statue of Liberty, seven is said to represent various things, but this is no time to deviate from the Tarot Major Arcana. Seven is The Chariot.

Tarot Chariot VIILiberty’s base has a design of four columns and three “holes” (recesses between the columns). That is 4+3=7. Inside the statue is a “twisted iron skeleton that was not meant to be seen from the outside world” (Ibid) designed by Gustave Eiffel.

If the golden railroad spike represents a lock or key to shackles, as I think it might, then The Statue of Liberty reflects that idea with the broken chain at her feet. The Statue of Liberty represents illumination (enlightenment/Illuminati) and the Game (Olympics) with her torch. In her left hand, she holds a tablet with 1776 written in Roman numerals: JULY IV MDCCLXXVI. This is the date of the American Declaration of Independence, but the persistence of this date, especially the year 1776, and the connection to George Washington, makes me think that 1776 may also mark the year that this phase of the game began.

On her surface, Liberty represents freedom from the bonds of slavery. But it seems fair to say that westward expansion – CONQUEST – is her mirror, and that, too, is written clearly into the statue, especially, I think, in the contrast between all the sevens, and extra inches, because the Sun is often represented as “small.”

Something about the Statue of Liberty reminds me of the Hanged Man, inverted (right side up). This too, would go along with the idea of a broken chain, and the 7’s. If Lady Liberty were flipped upside down, she would have the hanged-man’s halo, and every 7 would become an L.

So the Statue of Liberty, from Paris, is tied to Olympia, Washington through her torch, to the golden spike in Utah through her broken chain, and to to the Washington Monument through her Sun symbolism. The Washington Monument is tied to the golden spike because it looks like an inverted spike with the tip pointing up. It is connected to the Statue of Liberty through symbols of Sun and conquest. Finally, it is tied to Olympia because Olympia is in the state of Washington. All of these locations are also tied to the Eiffel Tower.

Statue of Liberty head

Eiffel Tower

Just as Liberty was originally planned to mark 100 years of American independence, the Eiffel Tower was said to mark the 100th year anniversary of the French Revolution, and to be a testament to industry. It marked the entrance to the 1889 World’s Fair, a trait it has in common with the Seattle Space Needle which marked the 1962 World Fair. When it was built, it surpassed the Washington Monument, making it the world’s tallest structure. (It’s clear that building things taller and taller was important in the 19th century.) Like the Washington Monument, the Eiffel Tower was built with the magnificence Egyptian pyramids in mind (wikipedia).

The Eiffel Tower is built of iron girders and rests on a limestone base. It is 324 metres tall (9 – the Night Club). It has three platforms, and its design looks like two rivers of hexagrams rising from the base, morphing into X’s, and about 2/3 of the way up, meeting in the middle and rising together. Many of the measurements within the tower, and even the address of 5 avenue Anatole 75007 are all about the Sun. Anatole is Greek for “sunrise.”


Portland Statues

Portland Joan of Arc statueOther notable statues include Portland’s gold-covered Joan of Arc, and Portlandia, Poseidon-like female figure reaching down through Portland’s urban tree cover. Portlandia was built in Maryland, near Washington D.C. Considering the context, it would be wrong not to also mention Portland’s Joan of Arc “a full-size reproduction of a statue that still stands at the Place des Pyramides in Paris.” (Willamette Week Dr. Know 1/18/12) Our Joan of Arc is supposedly one of three reproductions in the U.S., the others being found in Philadelphia and New Orleans.

New Orleans

The only thing a gambler needs is a suitcase and a trunk.
– House of the Rising Sun, 19th century American folk ballad

The introductory scene from James Bond’s Live and Let Die connects the name “Olympia” with a New Orleans funeral/second line and the Sun sacrifice.

Los Angeles

I don’t think it would be difficult to argue that The Mexican-American War was a strategically planned land-grab by the United States. Regardless, it started in 1846 and Mexico emerged as the “Loser” in 1848, four months before construction on the Washington Monument began in D.C. The date of 1848 connects the City of Angels to the Washington Monument, and gives a strong suggestion as to why the Sun might be called “Mexican.” California (along with France and Italy) also may be connected to the grape/wine references that come up so often.


How did Chris have himself marked?

It’s obvious that Chris was already marked in August 1981 when Charles Cross wrote the article Band drives stake to heart for the Seattle P.I.. The references to King Arthur’s sword, to cooking hot dogs on the roof, and the mirror-like title (which band drives the stake to who’s heart?) all make it clear.

Looking at the general feeling of pop music, I sense a psychic dip around 1970, and then it looks very much like something shifted again in the mid 1970s, like during Lennon’s Walls and Bridges era. 40 years ago.

Inspired by New York glitter rock, Chris moved with his band Malibu beach apartment where he spent six months in 1974. He stayed in a beach studio owned by the family of his friend Ray.

Chris doesn’t believe he was in Malibu long enough to leave a lasting impression, but I differ. He had two different run ins with the police. The band attracted a hanger-on named Copeland who “would pick up old discarded vegetables and fruit, then offer them to important artists and bohemian types.” What was that about?

In the book he is writing, Chris mentions a hanging out at a place called Pyramid Moon Gardens, and staying in a studio in some beach, and hanging out with Ray’s mother and stepfather who were wealthy and well-connected on both coasts. The way he described them, they sound a lot like Minnie and Roman Castavet in Rosemary’s Baby. The woman’s name was Greek for “violet” and also the name of an orchid that appears to have “arms” coming off its petals. The man was Italian. Their last name was decodeable too. Chris mentions scarfing so many of their vodka-soaked cherries he had to be told to stop. “Those have been soaking for six months!”

No red flags here.

Without getting into details, I have reason to believe the 1981 conflict between Napalm Beach and X in 1981 were partly instigated by outside parties who wanted to show Chris at his worst. The situation with Mudhoney in spring 1986 was a non-situation, except for the part where Mudhoney et al co-opted Chris’ rig, swag, and began driving circles around him (something which was clearly underway by fall of 1985). The situation with Nirvana was tragic.

I think Chris was really and truly marked in 1974, and that it is connected to the people he knew in Malibu, and very possibly connected to those drunken cherries.

So that has been this edition of Colonial Schoolhouse Rock. I hope we have all learned our lessons about minding our manners, not being greedy, being careful about the company we keep, telling the truth, and most of all, fighting to protect the liberties our founding fathers worked so hard to win for us.

George Washington chops down a cherry tree

NOW did George Washington chop down a cherry tree?

detail from White House fresco: Constantino Brumidi - Columbia and Indian Princess

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