How to decode almost any POP song: Part III: Lexicon (definitions)

Example: “…Ella (elephant), the bitch caught a fitz (can mean “counterfeit” but is also Norman French for “son”) like Gerald (Jerry).” – GZA, “Clan In Da Front” Wu-Tang Clan Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) 1993

“Well if I’m going to be forced to watch television, may I smoke?” – James Bond, You Only Live Twice 1967


Diamond RingBACKGROUND: From what I can tell, Illuminati pick out a male individual, mark him X and call him “the sun.” They “bury” him: pull strings, blacklist, and spy on him. The situation is described via coded clues aka “easter eggs” or “ballons” in songs, music videos, television shows, ads and commercials, poems, paintings, statues – almost everywhere.

Mythology is woven in from various sources, especially Tarot, medieval Fisher King/Holy Grail mythology and Egyptian/Greek mythology. The sun (son) is said to be “deaf/dumb/blind” and bound or sealed in a bag or a box; he is said to be the missing “left eye” of Horus; he said to have a bound or wounded leg; or to be on his knees, or hidden on the roof, or upside down, hanging from the ceiling like a chandelier (the hanged man).

Since the early 1960s, the “sun” has been a Portland, Oregon based musician and songwriter named Chris Newman. He has lived with me since 2009. For almost six years I too have suffered blacklisting, spying, stalking, and other troubling crimes.

The following definitions are a best guess based on observations of symbolic patterns. Letter and Number definitions are at the end of the list.

Lexicon of Symbols

360 – 360 degrees is a full circle. a circle represents the “sun/hole” and 3+6=9.
A – alpha. Represents the right eye/pyramid.
Abyss – hole (sun)
Acid – a substance that burns
Africa/African – sun (dark skin and warm places are usually sun references. Europeans obviously invented this game.)
Alice – a reference to the novels Alice in Wonderland and/or Through the Looking Glass. Lewis Carroll used Illuminati symbolism, and MK ULTRA made use of fantasy books like Alice In Wonderland and the Wizard of Oz series.
Angel – a powerful spirit (usually potentially helpful/good)
Ann – Ann is a common “right eye” name.
Ant/Ant Farm – sun
Ape/Monkey/Chim Chim – sun. I believe that “Chim Chim” may also be a chimney sweep reference. See William Blake, The Chimney Sweeper (1789).
Apple – sun (forbidden fruit)
Arm – reach/influence. Someone with long arms has a long reach in business. Associated with “hugging” (suffocating).
Artichoke – ARTICHOKE was a division of MK ULTRA. Good information about Illuminati and MK ULTRA regularly disappears off bookshelves and the Internet, leaving mostly misinformation and over-generalizations to throw you off the path. From what I understand, the division of MK ULTRA called ARTICHOKE involved using drugs; hypnotic triggers; and torture including limb dislocation, sexual abuse, and electric shocks, to induce a form of D.I.D. and turn (mostly Canadian female) children into robotic slaves who would perform, and then forget, transgressive acts. Millions of American tax dollars funded this, and thousands of children were used as involuntary lab rats. I have seen (and experienced) evidence that MK ULTRA style abusive psychology is used to terrify, control, and punish celebrities.
Ash – comes from fire, but is also a play on the word “ass”
B – blood/bee/billionaire
Beat – aside from the obvious, it’s slang for masturbation.
BBC – billionaire boys’ club
Baby – sun. The “baby as sun” imagery pre-dates 1980. Giving birth means “arriving.” The Tarot “Sun” card (XIX) shows a baby riding a white horse, while the Tarot “Death” card (XIII) shows a skeleton in black armor riding a white horse. Those cards are connected. Babies and/or fetuses show up in many videos, including Nirvana “Dumb” and “Heart Shaped Box” and Hole “Doll Parts” and “Malibu.” In Chris’ case, the Small Clone also seems to be important. And it is true that his life has been imitated (cloned) as part of this sacrificial/predatory behavior (See also: fetus)
Back – the sun is kept “in the back.” “Backside” is also slang for butt.
Ball – eyeball (see: eye)
Balloon/red balloon – a clue hidden in song, film, movie, commercial, or other imagery. Nena’s 1984 song “99 Luftballoons” shows scenery which looks like Oregon (evergreens, fog, sawmills). That would be an example of a balloon or easter egg.
Bar – gold bars and/or the bars of a prison cell (sun). Maybe a play on parallel lines, and also the word “bear.”
Barbeque – sun. This may have to do with connections to meat exchange money (“pork bellies”) and/or a way to spy on the sun (one of the main photographers would invite Chris to barbeques).
Basement – another place where the sun is kept
Bat – sun (lives in a cave)
Bean/Magic Beans – sun. preying on the sun is like planting “magic beans” (see also: Jack)
Bear – sun
John Belushi as a beeBee – They buzz (helicopters?), sting, and make “honey.” Bands like Olympia’s Hive Dwellers and Seattle’s Mudhoney are directly related to the bee reference. And there was that old Saturday night live skit with John Belushi.
Beer – beer companies all seem to be connected both large beer corporations and small craft breweries. Miller-Coors seems to have a particularly close connection; you’ll notice Miller Light beer appearing in films relating to Sub Pop either as product placement or as “easter eggs” or both. (Singles 1992, The Big Lebowski 1998)
Bell – bells and bell-like sounds are used in hypnosis (MK ULTRA). This is illustrated in Gus Van Sant’s Last Days as the character “Blake” (no doubt a reference to poet William Blake) nods out, sets his cereal bowl on the floor and falls onto a bed as a bell chimes repeatedly in the background.
Belly -sun
Beef -beef is meat, is slang for penis, and for something strong, but I think it also refers to money that comes from ranches and fast food chains. It may also relate to Tarot IV which shows a throne with bull’s heads on the arms.
Bigfoot – sun
Keith RichardsBlind – To be kept in the dark. One blinded, missing eye, closed eye/s is an Eye of Horus reference. It is used very consistently to refer to the sun.
Box – sun. Suggests being in a cell. Since “heart” and “box” are both sun words, the Nirvana song “Heart Shaped Box” is most certainly about the sun (Chris Newman).
Biscuit – see “cookie”
Black – sun/hole
Blue – a very large (billions and billions) stream of international finance probably related to blue chip stocks and/or royalty
Blueberry – blue
Bobby – police (see also: popo, pig)
Bones – sun
Bowl/Bowling – a game where you knock down pins with a ball. Also sounds like “bull.”
Brick – gold brick (see also: bar)
Bridge – how you cross from here to there
Bubbles – float to the top (see also: soda, pop)
Buddha – sun
Bun – sun. “bun in the oven” is a play on the baby metaphor. It’s also slang for “butt.”
Bugs – hidden recording devices. (HEAD LICE would be bugs in or around your toilet/bathroom). “Baby, look so good in my crib at night / I could give you a million hugs / you look so good all covered up in bugs / oh, i missed some there / under your chair / but that’s all right, I’ll sweep you under the rug.” (Cramps, T.V. Set)
Buffalo – sun
Burn – an insult or other destructive act. Often includes humor. Can also mean to raze. “Burning Down The House”-Talking Heads (1982). “Come down like fire, burn all the liars” Nirvana, “Francis Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle” (1993)
Burger/Berger – sun
Burnt – burnt out
Katy Perry with butterfliesButterfly – An MK ULTRA reference, butterflies show up more often in imagery than in lyrics. Ostensibly a symbol of “transformation,” in reality, they are a reference to “sleeping” (hypnotic trance) and the emergence of an alternate, controllable, and usually silent, personality.
Bus – a form of transportation that you wait for
Butter – see “cream”
Button – sun. Buttons are round, and they are used to fasten things (the sun is buttoned in). In one James Bond movie (Man with a Golden Gun, IIRC), microphones (bugs) are disguised as silver-colored buttons. In the same movie, a woman made mention of how on her dress, the buttons go down “the back.” Also: silver buttons
C – see
Camel – sun
Car – a form of transportation that is faster than a bus but not as fast as a plane or rocket ship
Caramel – sun. May have started with Run DMC “It’s Tricky” (1989) where a “sun” character named Caramel loses her gold chain in a 3 card monte hustle. “You ain’t Caramel-coated (coded) Cracker Jack…” Ol’ Dirty Bastard “Cracker Jack” 1999
Cat – sun. Clothing with leopard patterns are cat (sun) symbols though I’ve also heard they are a MK ULTRA “sex kitten” reference. In Man With A Golden Gun James Bond beats the circus funhouse death game by sneaking onto a catwalk.
Cake – money, power, influence (there is a French cake that looks like a gold brick and is called a “financier“)
Cancer – cancer is sickness with arms as well as a zodiac sign
Candy – sweetness, probably. Good publicity (as opposed to smearing, monsterizing, mud-slinging). To “candy coat” is layer a sweet coating over something bitter. The name “Candy Jones” may be related. There are often double meanings in Illuminati names. Pond, Shaver, Gill, etc…
Car – faster than a bus, and suggests some wealth and status
Carrot – an incentive (carrot & stick).
Cell – the sun is said to be bound, buried, or kept in a prison cell.
Chains – chains are a symbol of slavery and of freemasonry. There is a sense of paradox/irony involved, especially with gold chains.
Charms – it means to be charming, but it also means to have charms (voodoo/magic charms). Related to the word “mojo.” And there is a sense of charm bracelet, too (you collect charms for your bracelet)
Children – who you gave “birth” to. It seems like it could be artistic and/or financial.
Cereal – sun (all food – but especially morning foods and yellow-colored foods – are sun symbols)
Chandelier – Chandeliers show up frequently in movie and music video imagery, often in ballrooms during a party, or over tables where people are feasting. It is another sun metaphor. The sun is, in a sense, the Tarot Hanged Man (XII).
Cheese – sun
Cherry – innocence (sounds like “Jerry”)
Chess – a game. Chessboard patterns are common on floors of European cathedrals. Portland’s Satyricon nightclub also had a black and white chessboard-style floor.
Chestnut – sun. A “nut” that lives in a “chest.”
Cigarette – suggests ignition of a fire, and inhaling smoke. Suggests setting a fire and burning down the wasteland. See also: fire, burn.
Chicken – sun
Cinnamon – “sinner man” (sun)
Public Enemy Flava Flav 1988Circle – circles and rings represent the “hole” (sun)
Cleveland – it’s a reference to cleavage: boobs or butt cleavage. Things you see when you invade a person’s bedroom with hidden cameras.
Clock – sun is coming. see: “Time”
Cloud – a cloud is where the “dead” live. The idea is that it isolates, and obscures the sun.
Club – Illuminati. see: “Night Club”
Coat – a coating (as in candy, or clothing, or paint)
Coco/Cocoa/Coconut – sun
Coffee – sun. Things (or people) that are dark and/or tropical are generally sun references.
Cold – cold-hearted or frozen (unable to progress professionally)
Cookie – small cake (probably a cash incentive. $50 bills show up imagery a lot.)
Corn – sun (probably from unicorn + food) “I & I plant the corn” (Bob Marley “Crazy Baldheads” 1976)
Cough – “breathing” problem (see “lung”).
Cough Syrup – There is a historic link between (addictive) cough syrup (aka “Canadian cough syrup” aka “sizzurp”) and the music industry. I believe this is connected to the use of corrupt doctors. There is definitely a link between MK ULTRA style abusive “psychology” and any kind of drug that makes a person more controllable and/or suggestible.
Cow – cash cow (milk it!) Domestic animal imagery dehumanizes artists and making it easier to rationalize exploitation.
Crab – the underwater nature of the creature is probably less important than the fact that it is the the zodiac symbol for cancer.
Cream – rich and rises to the top (Illuminati)
Crack – double entendre: cocaine/buttcrack. see also: Cleveland, rock
Cracker – sun. probably derived from various meanings of the word “crack”
Croquet – a game involving balls, hoops, mallets, even a poison ball
Cross – the opposite of the “x” is the “+” (plus). It looks like a cross. The other meaning is crucifix – in their chains, and on their pedestal, some artists feel like they’ve been hung on crosses. “We got up early, washed our faces, walked the fields and put up crosses.” P.J. Harvey, In The Dark Places, Let England Shake 2010.
Crossroads – where you meet the “devil” and you either get a + or a – or maybe an x. I guess you have to sell your “soul” to get the +. Probably the only true story in rock n’ roll.
Crow – crows are known to feed on corpses (a “murder” of crows)
Crying – another thing you see when you spy on someone’s private life
Cup – where you put milk, or juice
Cupcake – a combination of cup (juice) and cake (money/power/influence)
Curl – sun. the curl represents the “hole.”
Cut – injure
D – a sun letter. May stand for “dirt” or “dust”
Daisy – sun. from Old English for “day’s eye.”
Dandelion – sun (yellow fruit and yellow flowers, especially as a table centerpiece, represent the sun)
DJ – person/people broadcasting illicit recordings. I believe this includes Mark Arm, Calvin Johnson, Steve Turner, Bruce Pavitt, Tobi Vail, Maggie Vail.
Daddy – this may be some kind of specific role. For the past few decades I believe it has been Mudhoney singer Mark Arm. Obviously he is something more than a singer and warehouse manager.
Dance – negotiate
Dead – sun
Grateful Dead - Bound To Cover Just A Little More Ground (1981)
Deaf – won’t listen or can’t hear
Desert – sun
Diamond – Illuminati. The graphic representation of a diamond is a triangle (pyramid) on top, and an inverted triangle on the bottom. The inverted triangle represents the sun (heart).
Dinosaur – sun
Dirt – what they use to bury the sun. Slander, bad publicity, etc.
Doctor – see “duck”
Dog – I learned first hand that the entertainment business has mobs who will literally track and “dog” you with dogs and smart phones. It’s psychological intimidation. Usually, however, “dog” means a loyal companion or soldier. For decades, Dogs have been a central theme in lyrics and imagery. It may go back to royal fox/rabbit/stag hunts which were conducted with horses, dogs, and guns.
Doll – a model that is manipulated by others
Dollar – Aside from the obvious, it is a reference to the Illuminati, based on Illuminati symbolism found on the American dollar bill.
NICO - Chelsea GirlsDots – sun. “polka dots” are a pop-art reference to the “sun/hole” paradox. For example there is a scene in the Warhol film Chelsea Girls where Nico appears to be crying as colored dots are projected decoratively over her face.
Down/Downer – The sun is “upside down” or kept “down.” A “downer” is a drug like heroin, and in slaughterhouses, a “downer” is a crippled cow.
Dream – see: sleep
Drinking – consuming “milk” or maybe “wine” or “blood” or “kool aid”
Duck – quack. I believe this is an illegitimate doctor who can be paid off for a false diagnosis and/or to prescribe certain drugs which may actually weaken a person and make him or her more vulnerable to suggestion and/or addiction. At least, this was my own experience.
Dumb – can’t speak (is also mud backwards)
TS Eliot: I will show you fear in a handful of dust.Dust – Associated with the sun. It contaminates.
E – a sun letter (from “elephant”?)
Easter Egg – a clue hidden in a song, television show, advertisement, movie, etc. Also: balloon/red balloon
Ear – a hidden microphone; also a place where “poison” (flattery, misinformation) is poured (Hamlet).
Earth – sun. The sun is “buried” and also seen as common (“salt of the earth”)
Eating – preying on the sun. see also “T.V.”
Egg – (see “easter egg”)
Egypt – this, again, is seen more in imagery. Though I realize it started out as a club formed by European intellectuals, current Illuminati symbolism seems to be a conglomeration of traditional-seeming masonic symbols, Tarot- and playing card based mysticism, Fisher King mythology, co-opted Egyptian mythology,”Libertarian” philosophy (“no matter what happens to you, it is your own fault” if you’re poor, and “I deserve to keep everything I have” if you’re rich.), MK Ultra “training” and other psychological crowd control techniques, Crowley-ism, and LaVeyan Satanism, all tossed together in a circus ring. I may have missed a few ingredients.
Electric – reference to electricity, lightning, and sparks are “right eye” references. The heart (left eye) is pictured as having been hit with a lightning bolt sent from the pyramid (right eye). Electric shocks were also a form of torture employed in MK ULTRA.
Elephant – sun. Maybe a reference to the “elephant in the living room” and also “blind men and the elephant.” (Blind people around it can only sense part of it, few can see the whole thing.)
Escalator – like stairs, but you don’t even have to walk. You just stand there, and the escalator transports you to the top.
Eye – A single eye in or on a pyramid represents the Illuminati. A single blinded or closed eye refers to Eye of Horus (see “blind, ball”). One or both eyes empty or hollowed out is a sun reference.

Missing or blinded eyes are the singular most distinctive “sun” reference. Sometimes the left eye is referenced by a wink, by opening and closing the hand (to imitate blinking), or by a circle made with fingers (ring/hole/eyeball).

A sideways “peace” hand sign or reversed “peace” (UK for “up yours”) hand sign rotated sideways also means “eye.”

F – flame? finger? fight?
Family – Illuminati use family metaphors. I guess it’s a gangster thing.
Fetus – A baby In Utero refers to creative/protective gestation. A holding state. Birth means “arriving” as an artist. (see also: Baby)
Finger – to accuse someone of a crime (older slang)? There’s an obvious double meaning.
Fish – someone who is underwater/submerged.
Fire – sun / burning the wasteland. Fire imagery pre-dates 1980 but is important in songs like “Francis Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle” and comes up on other In Utero songs as well. Courtney has carried the fire imagery through her catalog and has included it as a visual symbol in videos like 1998 “Malibu” (palm trees on fire) and 2009 “Samantha” (a wasteland on fire). It shows up in movies, for example, when the Orange Mocha Frappuccino “gasoline fight” ignites in Zoolander.
Fireworks – has to do with the sun coming out of the water – and maybe related to the fountain imagery. You see images of fireworks in the opening scene of the James Bond film Man With The Golden Gun, for example.
Five (5) – this is the sun number. Being as the Illuminati pre-date the American constitution, and as everyone initiated into Illuminati is involved in a common crime/s against “the sun,” I wonder if it is somehow connected to the Fifth Amendment which says that a witness cannot be made to testify against him or herself.
Flamingo – like mushrooms, flamingos appear n Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (Chapter VIII). According to Wikipedia, Las Vegas’ Flamingo hotel was named after founder Bugsy Siegel’s girlfriend and because Siegel viewed the flamingos who populated nearby as a good omen.” (Wikipedia: Flamingo Las Vegas). Because Flamingos are a bird which populates tropical regions, because they may be considered “lucky,” because they tend to stand on one leg, and because they were used as croquet mallets in Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland, I think they are be a sun reference.
Flies – lies and/or reference to Lord of the Flies. see also: butterflies.
Float/Drown – how to test for a witch. If she floats, she’s a witch. If she sinks (drowns) she is not a witch. It’s a Catch 22, and also suggests quite obviously that those who “float” are witches
Flowers – artists (female?). Suggests blossoming, creativity, purity, beauty
Food – sun (the sun is “food”)
Forehead – the idea of something written on the forehead – everyone but the subject who’s forehead bears the writing can see it.
Forest – sun
Fountain – sun (seem more often in visual imagery than lyrics). Sometimes “fountain of death”
4th of July – (American) Independence Day. Also, 4+7=11. 11 is the “Jack” (sun) number. Freedom. (See also: 1776)
France – I think this so called “France” is a conceptual place. It may simply mean Illuminati. Words in French, or Spanish, or sports metaphors are more coded ways to reveal ones self to the in crowd and obscure things for the outsiders.
Freeze – this is when no one will book you, help you, acknowledge you, or recognize that you exist. (also, ice.)
Frog – sun
Fruit – artists (male?). especially the sun. The “sun” in particular is associated with oranges, lemons, bananas, pepper, cinnamon, coffee, cocoa.
Fry – burn hard
Fun/Funeral – the word “fun” comes up a lot. It may be code for “funeral.” There is a running theme of “attending one’s own funeral.”
G – gangster and/or game
Gift – poison (probably disguised as a gift). Friends may bring gifts which contain hidden recording devices. Apparently.
Glue – probably related to “goo.” Phonetically: g.l.o.o.
Gold – gold, orange, yellow, and reference the sun (or sometimes, pee). (Green and metallics are also typical sun colors.)
Goat – devil
Gray – “at night all cats are gray” – suggests old age and invisibility, like when a menu item on a computer is “grayed out.”
Green – green is a sun color (it seems from the James Bond movies) – it suggests plant life, money, cannabis.
Gill – fish lung (you’re alive, but you’re underwater)
Giraffe – has a long neck
Goo – Goo was a female character in Gumby with a blue body and yellow hair. It’s also something “gooey” suggests G for gangster/game and two o’s (holes)
Grape – testicle? what you squeeze to get wine.
Grind – fuck, as in ‘you’re fucked’
Gum – like rubber and turpentine, gum was originally a tree-resin product
Gun – It “shoots”. A camera.
H – looks like a ladder rung; may stand for “horse”
Ha Ha – sounds like laughter, but also is an “invisible” wall. Often a trench dug around a pasture.
Ham – sun. I believe the Dr. Seuss book Green Eggs and Ham was a reference to the sun. Like “tanis root” in Rosemary’s Baby it seems disgusting until you get used to it. This is all code for accepting transgressive behavior as “normal,” another link to the goals of C.I.A. Project MK ULTRA.
Hamster – sun (captive animal that runs around on a wheel going nowhere)
Hang/hanged/hung – the sun as Tarot Hanged Man. “Nothing to get hung about” – Beatles, Strawberry Fields, 1967; “We’ll float around, hang out on clouds” – Nirvana, Dumb, 1993.
Happy – I believe this is a sort of acronym. HA is a reference to HA HA walls. PP is a reference to P (pop/pepper/pee pee) and Y may mean “yes.” I believe that HAPPY is about bondage and sleeping.
Hat – suggests authority
Head – leader of an organization
Headphones – a phone belonging to the head of an organization. also something you use for listening to music. also used to amplify sounds or in various spy set-ups.
Heart – sun
Hexagon/Honeycomb – hexagon shapes usually represent “bees.” It is also a common shape for a diamond (top view).
Hill – pyramid (right side, $ side – also “mountain”)
Hole – sun. In simplest terms, HOLE seems like the inverse of SUN. HOLE suggests a rift in one’s heart and/or soul, but it also suggests an opening to the womb; or even a burrow or safe hiding place. I think that Courtney Love had both ideas in mind when she named her band HOLE. “4,000 holes in Blackburn, Lancashire.” (Beatles, “A Day In The Life,” 1967)
Mark Arm hugs the Soup guy Joel McHale - November 2013Hollow – empty
Honey – food and/or flattery. The “sweet” side of Mudhoney.
Hoo – owl sound, usually written as “who” (see “owl”)
Horse – financier
Hot Dog – sun
House – where your family lives
Hug – to hold someone close – close enough to suffocate if need be. “I could give you a million hugs / you look so good covered up in bugs” Cramps “T.V. Set” 1980
Hung – Tarot Hanged Man. see: “hang”
Hyacinth – the hyacinth is a symbol of someone who dies,but rather than going to the afterworld, continually reappears as a flower. (see Wikipedia: Hyacinth (mythology))

“You gave me hyacinths first a year ago;
They called me the hyacinth girl.”
—Yet when we came back, late, from the Hyacinth garden,
Your arms full, and your hair wet, I could not
Speak, and my eyes failed, I was neither
Living nor dead, and I knew nothing, – T.S. Eliot, The Wasteland 1922.

I – eye
Ice – see: cold, frozen
Ice Cream – see: milk, cream
Iron – captivity – like an iron cage, muzzle, or leg-irons.
Insect – sun (unless it is specifically another type of insect, like a bee)
J – Jack
Jack/Jack of Hearts – sun. This probably goes back hundreds of years. It is medieval familiar form of “John” and according to the OED (A short history of English personal names), has been used as a “common man” name since the 1400s. In playing cards, the “Jack” is equivalent to the number 11 and was also called the Knave. “Jack off” is what see when you spy with hidden cameras.
Jackson – jack+son. Andrew Jackson’s picture is on the $20 bill. 2 is a sun number and 20 (XX) is Tarot Judgment.
Jeans/Blue Jeans – “blue” legs. “Jean” is also no doubt a play on the French name, Jean, which means John (Jack).
Jello/Jelly – sun is sometimes portrayed as suspended (like fruit) in green jello. Jello is also difficult to “nail.”
Jerry – Jerry Garcia may be shorthand for “old underground rocker,” but more than that, Jerry Garcia often showed that his sympathies lay with “the sun.” The Gus Van Sant film, Gerry, is a reference to Chris’ ordeal. Also sounds like “Cherry” which means innocence. Illuminati have an unusual attitude about youth and old age and the relationship to innocence/experience, suggested in the Beatles’ movie Yellow Submarine via the Sea of Time sequence (1968), in Courtney Love’s video for “Samantha” (2010). During the 1990s, many music videos featured one or more elderly actors, which I believe often represented the sun (outsiders, uninitiated) and/or a “twin.”
Jesus – I believe this is related to the Tarot Magician and/or Mark Arm and/or a twin.
John – Jack is a familiar term for John.
K – King
Kill – sounds like pill, and ill, and might be an acronym (“king’s eyes lose lose” or something)
Kiss – some kind of direct “business” interaction – not necessarily mutually consensual.
L – Loser, Left
Ladder – Jacob’s ladder
Leaf/leafy – leaves and papers may refer to finances, though plants and trees are a sun reference.
Left – sun (left eye).
Leg – you need legs to get somewhere. Wounded, bound, or missing legs cripple the King and turn the kingdom in to a wasteland.
Lemon – sun (often represented by a bowl of lemons, oranges, and/or green apples on a counter or table)

Royal Coat of Arms UK (Scotland)
Royal Coat of Arms (Scotland)
Light – truth
Lime – may be a reference to England (limey). “Put the lime in the coconut and drink it all up.” Nilsson, Coconut (1971)
Lines – parallel black and white lines show up frequently in clothing and imagery. I believe that these lines are a hypnotic trigger (MK ULTRA) and symbolize other things too (opposites, black and white thinking, reading “between the lines,” etc) see also: bars
Lion – Sounds like “lyin’.” probably a reference to European or English royalty, since most coats of arms feature some kind of lion. Unicorns represent the sun (outsider) and English and Scottish Royal coats of arms both feature a two-eyed lion and a one-eyed Unicorn in chains. The Scottish coat of arms also shows the unicorn holding an “x” flag, while the lion holds a “+” flag.
Lizard – sun. (Something that lives in the desert – may be wordplay on “Loser”)
Lobster – sun. This is probably related to the lobster on the Tarot Moon (XVIII).
Lollypop – Illuminati “eat” the sun like a lollypop. They also give “candy” to good children. See also: pop.
Loser – sun (Sir James Bond’s 007 when flipped spells LOO). This was the exact reason why, in 1988, Sub Pop made t-shirts that said LOSER.
Louie – left. “You got a lot of gifts, but hanging a louie just isn’t one of them.” (Zoolander, 2001)
Love – what the HEART (sun) represents. Among some artists it may also be a direct reference to Courtney Love.
Lung – references to breathing and lungs specifically relate to survival. If someone has a “cough” they have some kind of problem with their public image and/or survival.
M – I believe this stands for “magician” (Tarot I) and that the magician has something to do with dropping the sun into the hole. Visually, it looks like two pyramids.
Marigold – sun. May be a play on “Mary Gold” or “Marry Gold”
Married/Marriage – Illuminati use marriage metaphors to describe their connection to “the club.” (If it is a marriage, it’s the kind where you’re drugged and raped.) “Married! Buried!” (Nirvana, “All Apologies” 1993).
Mask – symbolic of a false face, masquerade.
Meat – slang for penis, and because it is a “food” word, it is also a sun reference. “How can you have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat?” (Pink Floyd, The Wall)
Mary – mother
Mermaid/merman – sun
Me/We – Me (M.E.) is right eye. We (W.E.) is both eyes – also phonetically, “we” it is French for YES (oui!)
Metal – sun
Mexican – sun
Milk – power/influence/juice/semen
Mirror – Images of mirrors (“we broke our mirrors” – Nirvana “Lithium” 1991) and allusions to mirror- or twin-like situations (“one above one below,” Hole “Violet” 1994) come up a lot, as do (in music videos) mirrored disco balls, probably signifying chandelier/hanged man/nightclub/dancing.

Hole - VioletTwins are often seen as opposites, shown visually with contrasts (one black, one white, etc) or conceptually with lyrical twists. I think it relates to 1. slight-of-hand (redirecting, smoke-and-mirrors) 2. things being false and/or backwards. 3. hypnosis and taking on an alternate personality. Many songs seem to be about one person, but are actually about the person’s “opposite” or “twin.” Some songs (like Nirvana’s “Polly”) reflect multiple subject. And it is common in movies (for example, in James Bond and Austin Powers movies) to have secret “twin” identities shift from character to character.

Mirrors are notable in literature as well, from Through the Looking Glass to Bizarro World. It is often a situation of bad looks good and good looks bad; lies seem true, and the truth seems like a lie. “If she floats she is not a witch” (Nirvana, Serve The Servants) “All that glitters is sour.” (Hole, Old Age).
Molly – slang for MDMA (ecstasy) but is also an medieval English word for prostitute. (OED)
Mojo – a power source. originally a bag for carrying magic charms.
Monkey – sun (see: Ape)
Moon – reflects the sun. The Tarot Moon card is XVIII, and is sometimes associated with Kurt Cobain.
Mother – the person who gives you “birth” (can happen in various ways)
Mountain – pyramid (right side, $ side – also “hill”)
Mud – Mudhoney (the dirty side)
Munchkin – “Kin” is an old English root word meaning “family.” “Munch” means to “eat up.” The Munchkins in the Wizard of Oz movie sing a song to Dorothy, telling her that from now on she will be “history” and they will make a “bust” of her for their hall of fame. I believe this is a reference to “eating the sun” and may be partly why Hollywood has such a fascination with little people.
Mushroom – once side makes you grow larger; the other side makes you grow smaller Alices Adventures in Wonderland 1865. Probably the origin of the name Mushroom Records.
Mustache – The Jack of Hearts has a mustache. Also, drawing a mustache on someone is the easiest way to make him/her look ridiculous.
N – seems to represent the “right” side, may stand for “No.”
Nails – what you use to “nail” someone
Naked – sun
Neck – your vulnerable point.
Needle – the idea of a broken needle (and sewing) comes up a lot. Maybe the broken needle is a reference to the Biblical proverb about a camel going through the EYE of a needle. Sew looks like “sue” and sounds like “S.O.”
Night/Night Club – Illuminati. Since they “bury” the sun, they are a “night club.”
Noose – the umbilical cord/noose paradox shows up in different places, and has to do with dependance on, and crimes around the “baby” (sun)
Nurse – see “duck”
Nut – sun. testicle/food/shell
Pizza at the OscarsOrange – the color orange, oranges, and orange trees are all sun symbols.
O – hole
Oil – oil (and gas) is a repeating theme. I believe it is because oil companies, oil billionaires, and oil sheikhs are all involved in this game, and have been for many years.
Onion – sun
-owski – the suffix “owski” is often used in character names to indicate someone who either inflicts or experiences pain. For example, Claude Bukowski (Hair 1979), Carmen Markowski (Broken Flowers, 2005)
Owl – Illuminati. The owl’s primary characteristics are that it is nocturnal, predatory, and has big eyes. See also: hoo/who
Palm tree – Napalm Beach (sun). In “Written On The Forehead (2010) P.J. Harvey used the phrase “date palm” which almost sounds like “Napalm.”
Pearls – the eyes of a drowned sailor. From Ariel’s song in Shakespeare’s The Tempest Act I scene II. “Those are the pearls that were his eyes – look!” repeated by T.S. Eliot in The Wasteland (1922)
P – sun (pop/pepper) – often “PePe.” “I have to pee” is a running joke. James Bond’s gun was a “PPK”
Parrot – see: Polly
Penguin – cold
Penny – money, obviously. Maybe also a connection to cookie? As seen in Beatles’ “Penny Lane,” Nirvana “Penny Royal Tea,” James Bond “Miss Moneypenny”
Pepper – sun
Pepperland – where the sun lives. (aka Blackburn)
Pickle – sun. preserved in a jar like a pickle. “We can pickle that!” Fred & Carrie, Portlandia 2013

Pig – corrupt police officer. see also: bobby
Pill/Pills – Pills sounds like “bills” meaning “money.” It could also be an acronym for something like Pop-Eye-Loser (PiL). Pearls are the left eye, pills are the right eye.
Pisces – fish (Kurt Cobain was also a Pisces)
Pizza – sun. especially PEPPERoni.
Pink – a combination of red (finance) and white (purity)
Plane – an airplane is a fast form of transportation, with additional meanings of a flat area (plain) and sometimes to be “plain” (not pretty)
Plant – plants, especially potted plants, are sun symbols.
Polly – Polly (also sounds like “poly,” meaning “many”) is a typical name for a parrot. Parrots, like mockingbirds, are known for their ability to mimic the sounds of other birds and animals. “Polly want a cracker.” I’ve heard that Kurt Cobain had a parrot named Polly – don’t know if that’s true but there is a photo of him with a parrot on his shoulder in the book Cobain Unseen. Polly is also the name of a Nirvana song detailing the kidnapping, rape, and torture of a young girl (read more).
Pooh stores honeypoo/h – ffs. This isn’t rocket science (unless, of course, you’re with NASA, in which case, I guess it is.)
Pool – sun (swimming pool is seen as an enclosure, with or without water – a pool table is an alternate symbol)
POP – possibly an acronym describing the hole between two “P’s”. P.O.P. May also be related to “bubbles” pop/soda, and/or “poppy.” This is, I believe, where the name “Popeye” comes from (POP eye), both the cartoon sailor and the fast food fried chicken chain.
PoPo – While “popo” has come to be slang for “police,” I believe it originated as a term for the POrtland POlice. It’s also acronym play: P(pop)O(hole) see also: pig, bobby
Poppy – Egyptians used poppies at funerals, so it is related to funerals. After World War I, it became associated with battlefield rembrance. It is also associated with “cold” and with narcotic sleep.
Prism – a prism separates white light into a rainbow spectrum. Rainbows are hypnotic triggers. (MK ULTRA). PRISM is also the name of an N.S.A. surveillance program. Prisms are a common theme in album art, for example on Pink Floyd’s 1973 album, Dark Side of the Moon. Prism is also the name of a 2013 Katy Perry album.
Purple – a combination of red and blue (also has royal connotations)
Pussy – sun (cat) “You give me your number, I call you up, you act like your pussy don’t interrupt.” Ol’ Dirty Bastard “Baby I Got Your Money” 1999.
Pyramid – sun (cat)
R – royal/right
Last Days - Blake - RabbitRabbit – Kurt Cobain is often represented as a pink rabbit. It may be a reference to rabbit hunting as sport
Rain – reign “Fixing a hole where the rain gets in” – Beatles “Fixing A Hole” 1967. “The rain (reign) in Spain stays mainly on the plain.” My Fair Lady 1956.
Rainbow – rainbows and sparkling things are used in hypnosis. (MK ULTRA)
Raven – like crows, ravens are scavengers. Edgar Allen Poe has a famous poem called “The Raven” (1845) in which a raven lands on the bust of Pallas. Pallas was stunned by Zeus (who is known to use lightning bolts) and killed by Athena who then made an imitation of Pallas. This, of course, is exactly what the Illuminati “right eye” does to the “left eye.”
Ray Gun – this may be a camera or it may be a reference to some kind of weapon. In January and February 2014, I had a lot of people following me with devices which disrupted electrical systems on elevators, hotel room doors, and on my car, and I had people pointing similar-looking devices at me while I waited for a plane at the Sacramento airport. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the electronic devices used against me don’t officially exist.
Red – a major finance stream (also: strawberry). While “red” is obviously a very large (billions) stream of international finance, it seems to be smaller than “blue.” Red and blue are a team. Symbolism suggests that “red” is sometimes employed by “blue” when muscle/enforcement is needed. Red is related to casinos and gambling, and it may be “red” who chooses “the sun” (or it may be a team effort).
Right – right eye is pyramid/finance
River – sun (sun is drowned in a river)
Rock – this might be a “twin” word. It is slang for diamond (right eye) and for stone (left eye). It’s also slang for crack which usually means both “butt-crack” and “crack cocaine.”
Roll – rock (or stone) is rolled away
Roof – another place that the sun is said to be kept
Rose – sun (Portland is known as the “City of Roses”)
Rose White / Rose Red – I think this alludes to the War of the Roses and/or Through The Looking Glass. In Hole’s song “Asking For It,” Rose White is persecuted as a witch, and Rose Red is a liar. I think Rose White is Chris Newman (Portland) and Rose Red is Mark Arm (Seattle).
Rubber – rubber used to come from trees, so it is probably a “sun” reference. And it sounds like “robber.”
Run – Like the word “fun,” “run” comes up a lot. It may be an acronym.
S – Sun
Sand – another way to bury a person (related to sun)
Santa Claus – flies in with gifts for the good children
Salt – assault
Scent – how you detect something, or someone
School – presumably this is where you go to learn Illuminati stuff. (They have to learn it somewhere, right?)
Seal – sun. Underwater animals are usually associated with the sun; seal may also be a double meaning: the sun is sealed away.
Sex – a way of doing business (“you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours”)
Shave – “hair” is thoughts/ideas. To shave is to conform. “I’m so happy but that’s okay I shaved my head.” Nirvana, “Lithium” (1991).
Shell – see “cell” (sun is kept in a shell, a box, a cell, in the trunk, in a river, or on the roof)
Shoes – Shoes are a source of power and transportation. High heel shoes suggest elegance and wealth. Flip-flops or bare feet suggest a lack of power.
Shower – this is when they follow you around with dogs, and/or get your community to harass you. (‘reign shower’)
Shrimp – sun
Sinner Man – sun (Cinnamon)
Soup – sun
Skateboard – sun. images of skateboards, especially skateboards in empty swimming pools, are sun references (the sun is kept in a pool – with or without water)
Skeleton – sun
Skin – it’s an outside covering, but probably mostly used as a verb: to remove the skin of something. “There’s more than one way to skin a cat.” (19th century ‘proverb’) “Skin the sun, fall asleep.” Nirvana, “All Apologies” (1993)
Skull – this is symbolic of the sun sacrifice. You see it in Hamlet, you see it in the “Skull and Bones” society, you see it in the art of various bands.
Sleep – deception. To sleep is to present a false self, and/or keep secrets.
Smile – like “happy,” this word comes up in ways that make me think it is not as innocent as it seems.
Snake – sun
Snow – wakes you from a trance. probably a refrence from hypnosis/MK ULTRA: opiates to make you sleep; cocaine to wake you up
Soda – has bubbles. “Oh the moon shone bright on Mrs Porter And on her daughter. They wash their feet in soda water.” TS Eliot “The Wasteland” (1922) Hole “Drown Soda” (1995) see also: bubbles, pop
Sparkle – a hypnotic trigger (MK ULTRA)
Spider – has a sticky web and arms reaching in 8 directions
Spike – syringe. may also refer to “spiking” a ball over a net.
Spoon – may be a reference to inherited wealth: “born with a silver spoon in her mouth.” Another thing about a spoon is it could be a tiny funhouse mirror. When you flip the spoon, your image flips. It may be related to hypnosis and an alternate personality.
Sports – the sun vs pyramid situation is set up as a war game (though it’s obviously rigged, and played with the lives of unsuspecting humans). So you will see music critics, writers, etc, using sports metaphors as they observe artists struggling professionally, personally, and economically.
Spring/Slinky – Spring can mean a lot of things: a small river, bouncing up, or bed springs. A spring bounces up, but a slinky walks down stairs. Slinky shows up in Montell Jordan’s “This is How We Do It” (1995) and Eminem “Without Me” (2005) and probably just another of many corporations involved in this game.
Square – when you rotate a 2-D diamond 45 degrees, it looks like a square, and the X in the center looks like a plus (+). The + represents the right eye.
Last Days - Stag paintingStag – sun? A stag is a wild creature that is hunted down and hung on the wall like a trophy.
Stairs – stairs suggest stair-stepping in one’s career, while ladders suggest Jacob’s ladder (ladder to heaven)
Star – a rock star (usually) or a movie star. There is a Tarot card called Star (XVII). Illuminati control the star system (“One above, One below” 1+1)
Stone – sun/death. Suggests grave stone, Sisyphus stone and/or being “stoned.”
Sugar – something that sweetens
Sun – since 1980, Christopher Newman, bandleader of Napalm Beach, Snow Bud and the Flower People, Boo Frog.
Sunflower – sun
Strawberry – red “strawberry fields forever” Beatles (1967)

Sweater – keeps you warm, but unravels easily
T – t-bone (a barrier)
Tattoo – another way that Illuminati connect/bond seems to be by getting tattooed. This is no doubt the reason why the character played by Hervé Jean-Pierre Villechaize on the television show Fantasy Island was named “tattoo”
Tiger – Tiger imagery pre-dates riot grrl, but the word “grrl” was no doubt inspired by TIGER. 1998-2001 Kathleen Hanna had a band called Le Tigre. Tiger is I believe, a direct reference to the person or people appointed to spy on the sun with video cameras and distribute illicit recordings for profit. This is demonstrated in the 1967 James Bond movie You Only Live Twice by the Japanese character “Tiger.” Tiger’s lair features two metallic rounded (representing metal/sun/eyes) television screens, one on top of the other (8). In The Hangover (2009) a tiger is discovered in the bathroom. It seems like private bathrooms are a typical place that “Tigers” place hidden cameras. More info, see: Talking about Tigers
Time – time is an important symbol. An “hour” or “minute” suggests a full circle. It probably also refers to the sun coming forth. This is represented by watches and clock faces, especially in hip hop music.
Toe – sun (especially big toe)
Tooth/Teeth – truth.
Tongue – speech (also shown by lips shut/zipped/locked or parted)
Train – sun. It probably has to do with a toy train that goes around on a track, in circles. May also stand for T.Reign.
Tree – sun. Maybe any artist who is “rooted” – stays local, can’t tour. Palm Trees specifically indicate “Napalm Beach” (especially when they’re on fire!)
Trunk – the sun is said to be kept “in the trunk” – this is often represented in movies as a person stuffed into the trunk of a car.

Turpentine – like gum and rubber, a product (originally) made from tree pitch
T.V. – You can watch, but you can’t touch. I believe that Chris Newman’s private life has been covertly filmed and viewed by others for quite some time now. I believe that is part of this concept of predation and sacrifice, and it is why lyrics so often associate him with T.V.
Twist – to be two-faced, to betray
U – U-Turn
Umbilical cord – umbilical cord/noose paradox has to do with the crimes surrounding the “baby” (sun)
Umbrella – protects you during a “shower”
Unicorn – sun
V – sun kept down (inverted pyramid).
Violet – another hypnosis reference (MK ULTRA). In the trance world, skies are violet. Violet or purple hair signifies hypnosis.
Voodoo Doughnut : The magic is in the hole.Voodoo – voodoo doll metaphors are used in conjunction with the sun. The sun is seen as “thing” to be controlled with “magic” – though the reality is obviously less about magic and more about spying and cash-infested string-pulling.
VEXX – I believe this is an PROJECT MK ULTRA style “program” in which a community is “triggered” into harassing a target en masse. In my case, the assaults included many strong suggestions of self-harm and suicide, with the goal of making make me appear crazy enough to lock up on an involuntary psych hold. During the “VEXX,” I also experienced hotel room and car break ins, thefts, sabotage, and blackmail. Also, someone planted narcotics on me, which I was lucky to find before the police did (and they were looking). “I’m mad vexed, it’s what the projects made me.” Inspectah Deck, Wu-Tang Clan, “Da Mystery of Chessboxin” 1993.
Veins – where you put poison and/or bleed someone
Virus – Virus causes an infection. It could be related to “bugs” – when your home is bugged, it feels “infected.” Post-internet, I believe it has to do with something going “viral.”
Vulture – Vultures are large animals which feed on corpses (similar to crow, raven)
W – a sun letter (looks like two inverted pyramids, or an inverted “M”)
We/Me – Me (M.E.) is right eye. We (W.E.) is both eyes – also phonetically, “we” it is French for YES (oui!)
West – left (“The west is the best” – Doors “The End” 1967)
Wet – you get wet from water (shower, drowning); may also be an acronym
Wheel – wheel of fortune (Tarot X)
Wheelchair -a reference to being involuntarily hospitalized by “ducks” (hospitalization as a form of control)
Who – mirror meanings: who? (anonymity) and HOO – the Illuminati “owl” which “sees and hears all.”
Witch – someone you run away from, or hunt down and burn
X – crossed out (sun reference)
X-Ray – a reference to the sun as “see through” (x-ray spex)
Y – yes?
Yellow – yellow/gold colors are sun colors
Z – omega
Zig Zag – visually, it is triangles and negative triangles. The only difference between ZIG and ZAG are the vowels (I/eye and A/alpha) in the center.


A – shaped like a pyramid. Alpha, maybe also Architect. Originally represented an Ox.
B – blood – maybe also bee and billionaire.
C – see
D – door and/or dirt/dust
E – elephant
F – finger (In You Only Live Twice James Bond’s little yellow airplane had buttons marked “F” for flamethrower.)
G – game/gangster
H – looks like a ladder rung (step up) and probably also “horse”
I – eye (Rasta I & I = 2 eyes)
J – jack (& looks like a fish hook)
K – king
L – loser, left (sun)
M – mouse and/or the sign for Set
N – No
O – represents the Sun’s eye
P – pop/poppy/pepper (sun)
Q – in James Bond movies, “Q” stands for “Quartermaster” – a person who distributes supplies to soldiers. It may have originally been a glyph representing a needle being threaded.
R – royal, right
S – sun (tarot XIX)
T – (tea) I think this is a visual representation of a barrier (T-bone)
U – U-turn
V – victory
W – west/win
X – “x” out (sun in a hole) the opposite if the x is a + (crossroads, right?)
Y – Yes
Z – Omega. Looks like “N” sideways. Signifies the end of a cycle.


Tarot - Fool - 0
Numbers in sequence (counting up or down) are often a hypnosis reference (counting into our out of a trance)
01 – Tarot Magician (I believe associated with Mudhoney, specifically, Mark Arm)
02 – a “sun” number. may be connected to 11 (1+1=2) (II is Tarot High priestess)
03 – III is Tarot Empress. If you count the negative space between three lines, you get 3+2 which is 5. 3 balls suggests 3 eyeballs (when the right side steals an eyeball from the left and/or 3rd eye)
04 – Tarot Emperor IV. Represents “right eye” of the Illuminati (maybe also suggests 2 pyramids and 2 shadows)
05 – outsider? Tarot Hierophant V – looks like an “S” and represents the SUN.
06 – Tarot Lovers VI
07 – inverted “L” – or Tarot Chariot VII
08 – looks like the infinity sign sideways, which means “vision”. Tarot Strength VIII features the infinity sign over the head of a woman who seems to be trying to pry open a lion’s mouth.
09 – I have noticed that multiples of 9 are used a lot (especially 99). These are unique in that when you add the two numbers together in the product (9+9) you get a number (18) which when added together, always makes 9. It’s like an endless loop of 9s. Maybe the idea is that you get stuck in this loop. 3-6-9 are also quarter points (90 degrees apart from each other) on a clock.
10 – once you get into two digits, you usually start adding them together. Or look for a correlation with tarot. 10 (X) is Tarot Wheel of Fortune.
11 – Sun/Jack number. Connected to the Jack/Knave card, which is equivalent to 11. May be connected to 2 (1+1). “One above, One below” (11). (XI is Tarot Justice)
12 – on a clock it suggests a full circle (noon/midnight). XII is tarot hanged man, a sun reference. “I do not find the hanged man.” (TS Eliot, “The Wasteland” 1922)
13 – Tarot Death card XIII, associated with the sun
William Carlos Williams - Red Wheel Barrow14 – Tarot Temperance XIV
15 – Tarot Devil XV. Associated with the magician (I) It shows a naked couple in chains, and an inverted pentagram on the head of the devil.
16 – Tarot Tower XVI (disaster) When “they” wanted to let me know they planned to bury me, they put a yellow t-shirt with a black number 16 on a child, and paraded the child in front of me, making the message clear without saying a word.
17 – Tarot Star XVII
18 – Tarot Moon XVIII (The Moon reflects The Sun)
19 – Tarot Sun XIX (since 1967, Christopher L. Newman)
20 – Tarot Judgement XX
21 – Tarot “The World” XXI (The numbers in the Illuminati origin date of 1776 add up to 21.)
22 – This seems to be an important number. XXII “The Fool” is the first/last card in the Tarot major arcana. Visually, the roman numeral looks like two x’s before two i’s, but the Tarot Fool is not marked 22. It is marked 0. Other important connections with 22 seem to be “Catch 22” (a paradox that traps a person) and the number 4 (2+2).
23 – 5 (2+3)
27 – 27 is a multiple of 9. Sometimes the “Club” is called “27 Club”
32 – 2+3=5 and this may also be a reference to 32 degree masons
33 – 3+3=6 and may also be a reference to 33 degree masons
88 – “double vision.” Also, 8+8=16 which is Tarot Tower (destruction). 1988 is the year Sub Pop chose as an origin year (usually right around Chris Newman’s birthday – which I believe is on purpose)
99 – this is probably the number seen most commonly in song lyrics. It is a multiple of 9, and like the number 9, and like the concept of time, 99 suggests the ending point of a cycle. When you add the digits, 9+9=18. 18 is the Tarot Moon card. The moon reflects the sun and therefore may represent the “night club.” Read more on numerology here, here, and here.

12 Hanged Man

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