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Kurt Cobain vs. Calvin Johnson 1993

Kurt Cobain - green shoes, baby, gun
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The photo was taken by Kurt Cobain and appears in Charles Cross’ Cobain Unseen. It shows Kurt’s purple and pink polka dot pajama bottoms, striped socks, and green shoes (untied). On the wall is a poster of a man holding a gun, pointed toward the photographer, Kurt. The man has a bullet hole in his head, as if he and Cobain were having a standoff. On the man’s lapel is a K Records logo. On the man’s crotch it says “Freemans” and beneath that it says something like “Police Combat Tactics.” The baby (Francis, presumably) has her hair gelled up like the Heat Miser in Year Without A Santa Claus, a Christmas movie that came out in 1974 and played on television (ABC) every year for all the Gen X kiddies like us.

A gun is a camera. Green is a sun color. Babies also represent the sun, and so does fire. This photo is further evidence that K Records is directing the surveillance against us, and that this illegal activity has been actively protected and/or supported by police.

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Surfing with the Orca Team at Record Room, Portland

Orca Team

By Erika Meyer

Orca Team… this bass drum is about the size of most people’s floor tom. What they’re is saying is, you don’t have to be the biggest whale in the ocean to be the most ferocious.” – Calvin Johnson (at Old Disjecta 10-01-10)

A surfer I went to college with was bit by a great white shark off of Trinidad Head, in far northwestern California. He showed me his scar, a half-moon across his torso, and described swimming out, feeling himself pulled down into the water, and then released. There he floated on his board in the ocean, bleeding and gazing toward shore, wondering whether the shark would return. “I decided,” he said, “That if I’m going to die, I’m glad to die right here. It’s so beautiful.” Continue reading Surfing with the Orca Team at Record Room, Portland