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Gilly Ann Hanner – II: Cave Junction childhood

By Erika Meyer

It’s the last days of February. Gilly (her name is pronounced with a hard “G”, like “garden”) agrees to talk with me. We will meet at her salon at 11:00 before she starts her day at work. Across the street from Gilly’s are two other long-time female-owned businesses: Dot’s Café (a late night hangout with good food, a full bar, a pool table, and walls full of old rock posters and kitsch art) and the Xtabay Vintage store (a shop with a 50s boudoir vibe and the most amazing vintage party dresses, handbags, shoes), neither of which are open yet. Continue reading Gilly Ann Hanner – II: Cave Junction childhood

Gilly Ann Hanner – I: Intro

Gilly's Salon, Portland

By Erika Meyer

Nestled in one of my favorite blocks of S.E. Portland, 25th and S.E. Clinton Street, between Clinton Street Bar and Clinton Street Record and Stereo, there is a three-chair hair salon called Gilly’s Salon. Gilly’s specializes in organic, non-toxic hair care products. The atmosphere is fresh, clean, low-key. The walls display a beautiful series of abstract oil paintings by the salon owner’s husband, David Morgan. Continue reading Gilly Ann Hanner – I: Intro