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Dead Man - Johnny Depp as Willam Blake, poet, painter, killer

Sun King mythology II: solar barges, solar chariots

Solar Barge

Ra in Solar Barge
Solar God Ra in Barge
The “solar barge” is a mythological representation of a Sun that rides a boat. Representations of solar barges can be traced to the neolithic era (approx 10,000 B.C. to 2,000 B.C.). It is a mythic representation which continued into Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, and it is found in other mythologies around the world as well.(Wikipedia: solar deity)

The Khufu ship, for example, is an intact full-size ritual vessel that was sealed into a pit at the foot of the Great Pyramid of Giza around 2500 B.C. It is a type of solar barge designed to carry the resurrected king Khufu with the sun god Ra across the heavens.

Khufu ship
Khufu ship

The Jim Jarmusch movie, Dead Man, evokes the concept of a solar barge as Johnny Depp’s character, William Blake, is ceremonially set off into the Pacific Ocean by Gary Farmer’s character, “Nobody.”

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Gilly Ann Hanner – I: Intro

Gilly's Salon, Portland

By Erika Meyer

Nestled in one of my favorite blocks of S.E. Portland, 25th and S.E. Clinton Street, between Clinton Street Bar and Clinton Street Record and Stereo, there is a three-chair hair salon called Gilly’s Salon. Gilly’s specializes in organic, non-toxic hair care products. The atmosphere is fresh, clean, low-key. The walls display a beautiful series of abstract oil paintings by the salon owner’s husband, David Morgan. Continue reading Gilly Ann Hanner – I: Intro

Mt. Tabor Madness: 5 Music Videos Filmed on Portland’s Urban Volcano

Oak Tree on east side of Mt. Tabor

By Erika Meyer

Mt. Tabor is a small, dormant, urban volcano, a bubble in the cascade range sitting right smack between the Willamette and Columbia rivers as they meander toward their confluence in Portland, Oregon. It holds three open reservoirs and most of it is a city park. There are playgrounds, tennis courts, basketball courts, horseshoe pits. Flanked on the west by 60th avenue, and on the east by 72nd, Mt. Tabor also marks the boundary between hipsteriffic inner southeast Portland and the more working class outer southeast neighborhoods. Continue reading Mt. Tabor Madness: 5 Music Videos Filmed on Portland’s Urban Volcano