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Teenagers in the trap: Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night” and Nicki Minaj’s “Lookin’ Ass”

On a more serious note, I honestly cannot believe this abuse and harrassment has been allowed to continue as long as it has.

I’ve been writing letters and sending emails to people who should have the power to help me. I’m not saying no one has done anything; I’m just saying no one seems to have stopped the abuse, or even spoken to me directly in a non-threatening manner.

There is no doubt in my mind that my daughter has been abused. I have seen several suggestions of this; the following videos are just two examples. It is difficult to express how outraged I am. Apparently, some so-called adults have difficulty understanding this. This is why I’m asking openly now, for someone to take action on my family’s behalf, and make the abuse stop. “Hacking” is no excuse, because I know who hired the hackers.

My daughter, who had braces between 2009 and 2012, has had a Halloween party every year. Usually they were all-girl slumber parties, but one year, a boy came for a few hours, and brought some cans of silly string with him. Hijinks (and a mess) ensued.

Last Friday Night is a mirror song. It is supposed to portray a high school party, but it combines elements of me and Chris, of my daughter, and reflects, like a mirror, the behavior of people who have been spying. The royal blue ribbon draped over the boy’s shoulder 35-43 seconds in is meaningful; I found a similar ribbon amongst my things after my hotel room was “broken” into last January. (By “broken in” I mean someone was able to open the door and walk in while I was away temporarily.)

“Shots” always means camera shots (underneath whatever the surface meaning is). “Drinking” and “drunk” has to do with financing. “Bar” is a gold bar and/or prison bars. “Mini” is a common theme (the sun is “small” and people make “models” of it). “DJ passed out on the lawn” is, I believe, a reference to Mark Arm, Steve Turner, Bruce Pavitt, Tobi Vail, and/or Maggie Vail – everyone who calls themselves a “DJ” and who “sleeps.”

In some scenes, “Uncle” Kenny G plays the sax. Kenny G is from Seattle, rose to fame during the 1980s, and is one of the best selling artists of all time. He is big in China.

“We went streaking in the park” is obvious (the sun is “naked” and “parked”) and “skinny dipping in the dark” is one of several clues I’ve seen indicating that there have been night vision cameras placed in our bedrooms. “Menage a tois” – well, there are three of us living in the home, one of whom was under 18. But it might also have to do with Masonic numbers and/or levels. Then Katy makes an important point: “Pictures of last night ended up on line, I’m screwed.”

Yeah. You and me both, Katy.

girl with wrigley eyes ad for wrigleys gum 1911I’ve said this before but I think it’s an important point: when this “Game” started, there was no “on line.” Hell, when the Game started, there were no CAMERAS. There were no RECORDINGS. Instead, the Game was coded into songs, poems, plays, oil paintings and monuments. Hypnosis, photography, film, video, and the evil that is MK ULTRA are obviously 20th century additions.

While cameras have clearly been a key part of the Game for over 100 years, if a camera is a gun, the Internet turns them into nukes. The online thing is still WAY too new, and has potential for far more damage than has ever been done before. Can the financers – many of whom I’m guessing are a bit older – have any idea what havoc could result? Do they care?

To make matters worse, it looks to me like these “DJs” have been hiring hackers (among others) to stalk and harass me. And if you haven’t noticed, black-hat hackers can be real jerks – especially when they’re being paid to be (and/or when they have a grievance of some sort).

It’s possible that these hackers are not outlaws and work for, or with, the government – something which would be still be very disturbing – yet a far “better case” scenario than random black hats, if they truly had control over the distribution – and that is a big fat IF. The apparent (pornographic) content of the distributed images really makes me doubt this, but who knows. The whole thing is weird.

The truth is hard to swallow. It’s clear to me that Chris was being spied on in some way ever since he was a teenager.

“I think we broke the law,” Perry sings.


Nicki Minaj – Lookin’ Ass

I’ve been listening to a lot of songs and watching a lot of videos over the past year, and Lookin’ Ass is a favorite. Even though I appreciate the levity Katy Perry brings – and I can read between the lines that she does know how serious the situation is – you still have to look “between the lines” to see that.

Katy Perry - Last Friday night - Sudoku

In contrast, Lookin’ Ass is a head-on blast. Minaj begins from what appears to be a vulnerable, objectified position, and ends with two Uzis blazing and a voice in the background shouting RAPE RAPE RAPE RAPE RAPE RAPE. The first line of the song is a hook “All I know is there should be no reason.

Still from "Lookin' Ass" video: Guns blazing

This video, and more than any other video, feels like my truth.

Minaj does her eye make up like me (Gaga does this too, in the video for Born This Way) and wears ripped fishnets like I used to wear on stage. There is a symbolic element to the “cat eyes” and “holey fishnets” as well. She is bedecked in chains and a wide gold belt. The belt is like a boxing belt; it is a common symbol and may also refer to the “belt” of industry around the transcontinental railroad. (See: Decoding the Cherry Tree)

The empty spaces in Minaj’s dress symbolize the cameras catching us undressed – and maybe a double entendre on the word “eyelet” or “lace.” Now that I understand that, I see that female celebrities have been bearing witness in this manner for years.

still from Lookin' Ass video: Nicki Minaj grabs her hair

Throughout the video, Minaj holds out her hair – symbolizing “these are my thoughts.” In some images it almost appears that she’s “choking” her hair, maybe showing that she’s supposed to suppress her true feelings.

To me the most striking thing about the way she holds her hair and later, gathers it into a bun on her head, is how she looks like my daughter styling her hair in the bathroom mirror.

This video was published last Valentine’s Day only about two weeks after the quacks let me out of the hospital after holding me for five days and threatening to keep me indefinitely. That experience traumatized me, but it really traumatized my daughter.

Seriously, how “Francis Farmer” can they get?

Lookin' Ass still - single eye

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