Wish List

1. An end to the “boxing” of us. With such a long history, it might need to be something that is done in a very explicit way. This needs to affect artists, distributers, labels, publishing, studios, etc. In short, those who want to work or socialize with us, should have that ability, without fear of reprisal or punishment from anyone in any industry.

2. Fair, honest, and competent legal advice.

3. Chris needs the ability and means to swiftly resolve obvious issues (publishing, distribution, etc) with his former labels. (Flying Heart, Cavity Search)

4. An immediate, decisive, and complete end to all photography, video, recording, distribution in and around our home.

5. An appropriate financial settlement.

I think there are other things that need to be addressed. I think there is some healing to be done.

When my daughter was growing up, I never punished her. But if she made a mess, she had to clean it up (or at least help). Instead of a manufactured punishment, she dealt with natural consequences. My daughter wins scholarships and citizenship awards.

Similarly, I think that those who created this situation should be held appropriately accountable. This doesn’t need to be a negative thing. In fact, it should be a positive thing.

I will be the first to admit that Jack/Sun/Heart-in-a-box serves some key unifying functions that would be hard – maybe impossible – to achieve in other ways. But in the long run, the cost in terms of human health is far too high.

The thirst for a continuous state of war (and the corresponding mentality) is difficult for me to appreciate. From my standpoint, it seems like another kind of addiction. Like cigarette smoking, it is an addiction which affects the health of everyone around. And like cigarette smoking, its harm can be recognized, addressed, and with the proper mental and behavioral shifts – ended.

Here’s my thought: change the game to something where everyone – and the one thing we all have in common – the planet Earth – wins.

This need not eliminate bonding exercises, shared muses, writing prompts, or even exclusiveness. It would just be a shift in focus, attitude, and intent.

Consider it a challenge.

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