Drones 2017-2018

from my journals

August 28, 2017

I got up, walked outside about 6:00 A.M. There was a hazy moon low in the western sky near where I've seen the bright drone - the moon was full. A military plane flew by, north to south, above the moon. Not the small quiet jets - a larger noisier one. And once it had passed I looked and the moon was gone. It had not gone behind clouds or sunk down - it had simply VANISHED. It must have been some kind of illusion or hologram, possibly projected through the implants in my eyes.

A few days before that I saw the Big Dipper and Arcturus change positions in the sky - and since then I have been "followed" around town by the big dipper along with several other constellations, by which I mean fake constellations - a T-shape and a W-shape.

August 29, 2017

Outside tonight I walked to QFC. There are dozens - likely hundreds? - of drones forming something like a net over me. They tend to pop out when I look up, like Disney eyes in a dark wood They form little fake constellations. There is a faux Big Dipper out there. It places itself in different locatins and moves around in the sky. It includes a a faux Arcturus. The fake Arcturus was just over a certain rooftop - and Big Dipper - all of it - not in the right place. Then fifteen minutes later it's in a different location in the sky (too far away to be a natural movement). Lots and lots of crazy stuff in the sky - wiggling, flashing, moving stars and planes.

9:20pm The star drones are out as usual and the planes that fly around them. One object flying a slow circle in the western sky with a pulsing red light. Jet flying over me with flashing white lights. They change the light patterns a lot. The star drones can raise up or down. The planes can fly almost straight up like rockets or execute precise moves between star drones and my field of vision.

Sept 10, 2017

Walked up to top reservoir - people watching sunset and there are antenna towers surrounding all around with red lights - three tall ones around Mt Tabor and many smaller ones. They have proliferated over the past decade... I saw a new set of LED white-light lit antennas to the northwest. Everything is LEDs now and they are brighter, more sparkly, more controlled than the old-fashioned lights... I feel often like my brain is on electrical overdose. My phone burns hot and the battery bruns out. What is that about?

As I went down to reservoir 6 (60th Ave) the reservoir lights started to "play" (note - the lights around Mt Tabor and certain other areas around town were at this time often flipping on and off as I walked around - a light might go off or turn on as I walked beneath, for example.) Then as I started to head toward home, the drone circus began. It was Sunday night and lots of people were there with dogs but I seemed ot be the only one fascinated by the drones. They came, one by one, until there were several aircraft jjust over Reservoir 6. I took video and pictures. On my way home I ran out of video when a drone or plane flew low over me with a green light on one wing and a red light on the other wing, maybe white light on tail, and as soon as it passed over my ehad, the wing lights switched to a warm white color and the tail to flashing red. This happens sometimes - the lights switch color and/or pattern as soon as the plane or drone passes directly over my head.

May 22, 2018

In the morning, Chris was reading a biography of Richard Hell I Dreamt I Was A Very Clean Tramp and asking me about poets like Dylan Thomas. I mentioned that I liked how Dylan Thomas created musical-sounding images with phrases like "lamb-white day" and "house-high hay" and "swallow-thronged loft"... Soon after that I took a walk up to Mt Tabor Reservoir. It was a beautiful mild sunny day.. When I reached Reservoir 6 I walked around and as I was walking along the east side toward the south side (I was walking along the area of Reservoir 6 that is nearest to Division Street) a small plane or drone passed close overhead. I believe it was a drone. It was slick, modern looking, with an orca-shaped body - white with royal blue wings. The tail was white on the bottom, blue on top (you could see the top color when it banked). When it first passed over me, it flew very low, and I saw a black square on the bottom. Later it began flying with landing gear (wheels) out. So anyway, it passed, at first, very low and close directly overhead. It flew directly over me several times taht day, maybe 9 or 10 times. After it passed the first time, like, right after - I heard this loud noise coming directly from the south. At this point I was walking west along the south side of the reservoir approaching the southwest corner. I kept thinking about pulling out my camera, but I didn't. I kind of which I did, because what happened next was rather spectacular. As I approached the west side of the reservoir, walking west, just after the drone passed overhead, this loud sound came from the south. Meanwhile, the drone looped around and flew over my head again, this time a bit higher. The loud sound was from a helicopter. but it wasn't just any helicopter, it was obviously a military helicopter - drab-olive colored - and at 3:09 it passed directly over my head, and so did the blue-winged white drone, just above the helicopter. There were a few moments in which it seemed like they were both headed for a mid-air collision directly over my head and though I knew that was very unlikely there were these moments of suspended "WTF" - and that helicopter was huge. It looked like a Vietnam-era "Apocalypse Now" machine... I had never seen anything like that, and the helicopter passed so close over my head, I could smell diesel exhaust. They crossed over my head at exactly 3:09pm and then the helicopter flew off over the Mt Tabor trees to the northeast - and I mean - it just cleared the treetops - and the drone/plane flew off to the southeast but then looped back around and passed over my head again, this time with its landing gear out.


July 2, 2017
helicopter and lit drone

Sept 10, 2017
drones over Mt Tabor resevoir

July 18, 2018
twin drones

Aug 5, 2018
twin drones Skyline Towers, which I think are actually a set of television broadcasting towers, is in the background but their lights are red and the camera doesn't pick up red lights

Aug 5, 2018
twin drones another view