March 2015 letter to Oregon Governor Kate Brown, US Attorney General Eric Holder

Governor Kate Brown
State Capitol Building
900 Court Street NE. 160
Salem, OR 97301

Cc: Senator Ron Wyden, Oregon
Senator Dianne Feinstein, California
United States Attorney General Eric Holder

March 18, 2015

Dear Governor Brown,

Hello and congratulations on becoming our new Governor!

I am an Oregon resident and American citizen born in San Juan Co., Washington. I writing to ask for your help out of a severe situation which I believe is dangerous, illegal, and unnecessarily, inhumane. I have already suffered a great deal, and am worried about the safety and well-being of my daughter, Brook Thompson. She is an Oregon resident, born in Humboldt County, California. In addition to being an American citizen, she is also a member of the Yurok Tribe. I am also worried about my domestic partner of the past six years, Chris Newman. He is an Oregon resident and American citizen born in King County, Washington.

I am concerned about my ability to live and function in the world as I attempt to update my education while I and other members of my family are being - I believe - sexually humiliated and trafficked online to an "audience" of millions. I am suffering a great deal from knowledge the trafficking of myself and my family, and also from a deep grief over other crimes that have been committed, and continue to be committed, against us. I am afraid for my daughter, 19, in college at PSU and who is, I believe, unaware of the potential danger she is in because everyone around has told her that the surveillance isn't "real." So she doesn't cover her computer camera lens, and she may be failing to take other precautions to protect herself. Also, I can see that much of this trafficking has been overseas, and my daughter is planning to study abroad next year. How do I know if she will be safe, or how to protect her?

I realize that the situation which we are in is very old and entrenched, and that it will take time for it to be resolved to evervone's satisfaction. Plus, any compensation due us is continuing to earn interest in someone else's bank account so if they aren't made to hurry towards justice, they won't hurry. In the meantime, I don't see why this human trafficking should be allowed to continue. It is hurting us badly. At the end of this letter is a list of items which, if acted upon, would go a long ways towards making me feel safer.


The number of laws being broken in regards to us - on a daily basis - is staggering. They include state laws, federal laws, and international (human rights and trafficking) laws. Our Constitutional rights have been - and continue to be - violated under 10 different amendments, specifically, amendments 1, 3-9, 13, and 14. Under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, our rights are being violated, daily, under 23 out of 30 articles: 1-12, 17-23, 25, 27-30

In addition, our rights are being violated under the Privacy Act of 1974, which places restrictions on the federal government's collection, use, and dissemination of personal information. Our FERA and HIPAA rights are being violated as well, not only because institutions and/or subcontractors such as Epic ( seem to be releasing personal and medical information illegally, but because of the way our phones have been tapped and turned into broadcasting devices, thus destroying all kinds of confidentiality, especially for those in my family who are still in the dark about all of this.

In addition, the video, audio, and phorographic transmissions from our home, and the corresponding coercion, intentional infliction of emotional distress, kidnapping, false imprisonment, etc - all fit the definition of human trafficking under 22 U.S. Code a 7102 and under UN protocol. There have been other crimes as well, including stalking, robbery, burglary (including targeted thefts of evidence); narcotics planted in my luggage which I discovered and disposed of less than 24 hours before being apprehended and having my belongings searched by California.

Two car accidents resulted from these crimes, one involving my 75 year old father, who, while I was locked away, believed California law enforcement's lies about me being "confused" and "delusional," drove my car out of Sacramento at night, and, when the headlights failed on an I-5 on-ramp, crashed into a guard rail. Fortunately, though the car was badly damaged, he was not injured. The second accident happened in Portland when my door was hit by a Volvo with Utah plates.

All my social media accounts have been hacked and altered in defaming ways at least once over the past year; my sessions at Multnomah County Public Library computers are never private, and more than once, files that I'm working on at the library are deleted by someone else, presumably working from a neighboring computer, and apparently with the full knowledge and consent of the library. At home, thieves or "spies" regularly parse my hard drive, distribute the data they find there, and when they don't like what they find, retaliate, mostly with illegally gathered "revenge porn."

In addition, it seems like I'm punished if I attempt to visit family, and I worry that ongoing attempts to visit family members will result in more releases of humiliation videos, or that my family members will be punished too.


Regarding the HIPAA violations, there are some things on my medical record which I very much wanted to keep private - things which were only known to me and one or two others - which are now known to millions. To my horror, my medical records were released into the world, and masses of people now feel entitled to discuss my personal health history and use the details to humiliate me, and to judge me as a woman and human. The same is true for Chris, and I very much fear for my daughter's safety here as well.

I've had to deal with extremely unethical and well-funded medical professionals who have attempted on numerous occasions to use my own medical history - for example, a past history of anxiety and panic attacks - against me. In other words, they have looked for medical "weaknesses" and have done everything they can to exploit those weaknesses in order to trigger fearful, destructive, or "crazy" behavior in order to frame me as "psychotic" or otherwise mentally ill, which I most certainly am not. The measures to which they have gone are astounding and include manipulation of personal relationships; manipulations of television programming, including the manufacturing of false medically- oriented news stories (which come through local police departments); the use of disorienting visual effects on television programs and/or YouTube videos along with hypnotic triggers, suggestions, and visual flashes which I can't make out but which I presume to be some type of subliminal messaging. Some of this messaging is clearly intended to trigger suicidal ideation, and in fact, two days after I noticed such triggers in a "Latuda" commercial broadcast on NBC, a 17 year old boy in Vancouver, Washington committed suicide by throwing himself in front of a train.

I am afraid that these corrupt doctors are working up a false medical profile of me that will enable them to involuntarily and illegally hospitalize me again, should they wish to do so. I am trying to get a handle on what my medical charts say about me, but so far, I have not gotten any information back from my inquiries. I'm beginning to wonder if we haven't been made into involuntary test subjects for the medical, pharmaceutical, and other industries. If so, it is entirely non-consensual, unethical, illegal, unscientific, and psychologically damaging to us and to others. I need for it to end, and I need my medical charts to be closed to all but my family doctor, Dr. Brian Frank at OHSU Richmond Family Clinic.


There are other problems I deal with on a daily basis, one of the worst being that my private speech is recorded, broadcast, and regarded by millions as public speech. This boundary violation is due to the constant surveillance, and maybe also to some kind of "religious" (?) belief that I don't really understand - but I consider it to be dangerous to us and to others. Chris and I are both "think-aloud" kind of people at home and it is very difficult to change that in order to accommodate illegal surveillance practices and/or someone else's "religion." Add to this chat Chris does not, and will never, accept the harsh reality that we are under this kind of surveillance, so he is not measured in his speech. This is a significant source of stress for me.

At times we are treated as if we are animals in a zoo. I am a modest person who values my privacy, who has never taken a nude photo of herself, who wears two pairs of underwear and tights on stage, and yet here in the U.S.A. I and my family have been unwittingly forced into this bizarre form of sexual slavery. If Chris knew the position he is in, and has been in his whole life, it would affect him strongly. I am struggling with it tremendously as well, especially because I have been kept in the dark about all of it, only seeing it reflected back as if it is a joke that I should somehow want to take part in. The scenario seems like something conjured up by a Nazi concentration camp doctor. And maybe it was. Nonetheless, I simply can't understand why these behaviors have been allowed to continue, even with the police, firemen, military, and various U.S. spy agencies involved. It is not that I am unable to laugh at myself - it is that I am unable to accept the manner in which certain (private) information about me was gathered.

I have been given the impression at times that Chris is supposed to recognize his situation for himself, and then we will be "free." But this will never happen, and here is why. It is obvious that Chris' family has been under surveillance, at least since the Roosevelt administration, and probably longer. His family's lives and fates have been manipulated, probably for several generations, with this surveillance providing fuel for that manipulation. In Chris case, I have seen many signs of connections to CIA Project MK ULTRA and to domestic disruption programs like FBI's COINTELPRO. My view is that Chris has been surrounded and "befriended" by individuals who deliberately encouraged bad behaviors, who introduced him to dangerous and addictive drugs, who manipulated his mind, and who repeatedly misled him and sabotaged his musical career. His long-term girlfriends and ex-wives were all sexually unfaithful or (mostly) prostitutes. I have seen evidence that all of his former girlfriends were involved in corrupt behaviors regarding his life.

Chris idea of "normal" is twisted by this long, sad past. He holds no grudges, and has no interest in fighting. All he reallv wants to do is the same as what he has alwavs wanted to do: write, record, and perform his music like the professional that he is. It is unfair to expect him to figure it all out at age 62, much less to be able to handle the emotional impact, especially with no help from his family and no honesty from "friends." Those closest to him have been lying to him his whole life, even to the point of helping sabotage his career, all because of this "Game." Can you imagine how such a realization would impact a person who is nearing the end of his life and still struggling in his career as much as he was in 1975?

What Chris truly needs now is to be helped, face to face, person to person, like the human being that he is. He needs that help to come from non-corrupt sources. He needs something to live for, like the career success that has been stolen from him over and over and over for the past 50 years.

I am aware that, in the framework of this "Game" or "religion,' nearly every industry and corporation on earth has exploited Chris, and that since his childhood, many industries have used him and his family as a creative "muse." I am aware that there are countless radio shows, television shows, songs, movies, advertisements and commercials all over the world inspired by Chris and his family. It is clear that their lives are woven into history of mass media (especially television) worldwide, from its earliest days. Most of the creative results seem relatively harmless, interesting, even inspiring. I think Chris, if he understood the truth, would feel similarly. At the same time, all chese multibillion dollar multinational industries should find a way to pay their piper, to do so promptly, and to do so in a way that protects everyone from fears of future harm or litigation.

Regarding Chris' career, there are some things which should be addressed more carefully, and with the proper representation or careful mediation. In particular, there is a problematic relationship between the Seattle 1990s "grunge" bands and Chris' 1980s musical innovations. The issues here are complicated by a liberal and pervasive rewriting of history scripted to omit Chris from his own music history, crediting his innovations to musicians on the Sub Pop roster, especially Kurt Cobain and Mark "Arm" McLaughlin. In reality, the music and style that Sub Pop marketed as "grunge" was based on Chris. For this, Chris, one of the most active live performers in Seattle and Portland during the 1980s, was thanked by having his career repeatedly sabotaged, and by being written out of his own history.

There are also related suicides of two northwest musical icons: Kurt Cobain and Elliott Smith. Both artists symbolically referenced Chris' sad situation in the manners they chose to commit suicide. It breaks my heart that the situation with Chris continued even after so many artists (not just musicians, and not just Kurt Cobain and Elliott Smith) died by suicide or drug overdose. This suicidal behavior is something which I believe is directly related to some of the psychological "mind control" techniques employed in the "Game," and it is something that needs to end.

Honestly, I think there ought to be something along the line of Congressional Hearings into the continuing use of trauma-based MK ULTRA "mind-control" techniques on vulnerable populations, and that whoever is perpetuating this shocking betrayal of medical ethics ought to be held accountable for the damage it causes.


There are issues that should be addressed with some of Chris' old labels, especially Flying Heart Records. Flying Heart Records used nefarious means, including enabling and leveraging Chris' severe addictions to entrap Chris in horrible record deals, deliberately burying his music, releasing albums and artwork without permission, violating his digital copyrights, keeping any and all royalties and earnings, and stealing publishing rights. I have a good reason to believe Flying Heart was working in collusion with others, especially Sub Pop, and that this situation has been a source of great pain to many of the grunge-era artists on the Sub Pop roster, not just Kurt Cobain.

Regarding Kurt Cobain and Nirvana, it appears to me that Chris' 1987 contract with Flying Heart Records (from which he earned nothing) was pulled from the same book as Nirvana's (ultimately very lucrative) contract with Sub Pop, another clue that the two labels may have been connected. Chris himself is unlikely to pursue the issues with these labels, due I believe to Chris' lifelong brainwashing and associated fears and triggers. Still, I think that for true peace and justice, somehow these wrongs need to be made right on Chris' behalf. In my opinion, because of the bad faith contracts and other misbehavior, Flying Heart Records should voluntarily renounce all claims to Chris' recordings, albums, and publishing, and relinquish all existing materials they currently hold in exchange for protection from future litigation. The same should be true of all labels who made bad-faith contracts with Chris. I believe that most of these labels are either defunct, or will be cooperative.

Flying Heart, however, has not so far been cooperative regarding issues around money and publishing rights.


Some of the worst crimes that were committed against me, were committed in lanuarv 2014. These crimes include kidnapping, false imprisonment, medical malpractice, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and civil rights violations by police and others. Much of this was done to drain me financially and prevent my accessing legal help (both endeavors were successful). Right now, when I attempt to do something as innocuous as order a copy of my medical records, watch the "wrong" movies, or speak the "wrong" truth within the walls of my own apartment, I am punished with new releases of pornographic and slanderous videos which were collected from the illegal surveillance of my personal life. So I am concerned that the statute of limitations on some of these crimes will run out in January 2016, and that if we haven't made real progress by then, I will lose some of the leverage that I now have to collect damages. Furthermore, the surveillance I'm currently dealing with keeps me vulnerable to whims of these same corrupt doctors and others who are trying to sabotage me. It is not a safe situation.


It's clear that this situation originates in Chris' family tree, and that there is a specific connection to his great-great-grandfather James Newman and his great-great grandmother, Rachel Jane Moon. I can see via symbolism in the Bayeux Tapestry that this family Game goes back at least to the 1300s, and that it may be connected to Chris being a 27th generation grandson of William the Conqueror, and/or to his connections to the family of George Washington and other powerful political branches of the family. I can see that some of the more "conservative" members of the family are hoping that Chris and I will conform better to certain "standards" in order to be accepted. But, while I am all for personal improvement, and I will continue to do my best to improve myself, one thing I have learned after so many years on this Earth is that you can't please everyone, and that those who don't accept us as we are, will probably never want to accept us.

The reality is, there are some things about us that simply won't - and shouldn't - change. Psychological coercion is never going to "repair" our personalities; and honestly, I am quite certain that the corrupt doctors are not actually interested in our health. I believe their true goal is to harm us psychologically, socially, and economically, presumably because harming us profits them in some important way. I'm thinking that high stakes donors may be at the root of some of this corruption. This is a great concern because, for example, top donors to OHSU (for example, certain oil billionaires) are also top donors to my daughter's college, PSU. I am afraid that corruption, including illegal surveillance, will follow some of that money, and negatively affect my daughter's life.


I respect Chris' family, and their strength, humor, and history. At the same time, I feel the language of the Game has become the language of war and oppression, because it so often seems to be about one side attacking or suppressing or being attacked or suppressed. For my part, I have been a pacifist ever since I was old enough to contemplate the idea, meaning, and impact of war. While I respect our military, and am grateful for their protection, I am not sure the United States has been involved in a single justifiable war during my - or Chris' - lifetime. I believe that war is almost always preventable, and that it should almost always be prevented. I believe that one of the first ways we could prevent war would be to stop integrating a language of war and oppression into each and every form of communication.

Another way to prevent war would be to increase social, economic, and environmental stability all over the world. A third way to prevent war would to stop war from being a vehicle for resource acquisition and profiteering. Most of Chris' family are devout Christians, attend church regularly, vote Republican. A great many of them have served in the military, including during wartime. The thing that we have in common is that we are Americans, and we live under the rule of law, the supreme law of the land being the U.S. Constitution. All of Chris' family, including his mother who is 82 and ailing, are being stifled and harmed by the situation we are in.

There are still many things that I wish I understood better. I don't understand what it means to "marry" a family, or how a 62 year old man can be considered a "baby." I don't understand how our cannabis use can be considered a negative thing for which we should be shunned or punished when it has helped our health so tremendously. (Something those perusing our medical records seem to have missed.) What I do understand is that I am a law-abiding citizen who is legally entitled to protections and compensation for the trafficking, sabotage, thefts, career sabotage, and pain and suffering.

We need to be able to come to the table and take part in planning a resolution to this situation, with fair representation to help the proper legal protections be put into place. But I have no way to pay a lawyer (assuming any lawyer would help me), and my attempts to raise money for help have so far all failed completely. At the same time, I can't willingly put my fate into the hands of the very people who committed the worst crimes against us, nor into the hands of a secret tribunal who would keep us from contact with friends and family as they continue to imprison and exploit us.

For Chris' part, this is about 62 year life (most of those years spent being unwittingly trafficked), a 40 year long stuck-in-the-swamp music career, a catalog of 250 published (but never properly released) songs, and a future in music, should he be lucky enough to have one. It is about our ability to be safe and informed as we move ahead in life. We need some real legal guidance here, not a handshake deal with people who have already proven themselves to be untrustworthy. Binding legal protections would undoubtedly also be quite important to others entangled in the imitation game, especially those in the entertainment industry.

Portland City Government, Oregon Metro, and U.S. federal government agencies all have been involved in this situation in one way or another. Whether they have had a true understanding of the extent or harmfulness of the crimes isn't clear. But because all elected officials are sworn to uphold the U.S. Constitution, and because our Constitutional rights are being severely violated, I think it's time for my elected representatives to act assertively in order to protect those rights. This action would set an important example for others, showing that the United States government practices what it preaches.

Once we are safe from continuing assaults, we should have a way to access honest legal representation, and to be able to come to the table and negotiate a legally-binding peace settlement, possibly with the help of an international judicial body or mediator. It's clear that in the end, this is an international situation with certain direct impacts on world affairs. I want to cooperate in bringing about a satisfactory resolution, but I also really want my human and civil rights to be respected so that I'm not operating in a hostile, coercive environment.

Thank you.

Erika Meyer


1. Restrict access of our medical records to all but our family doctors and hold accountable those who released our medical information to the world.

2. Remove all phone taps, stingrays, and whatever was done to turn our cell phones into broadcasting devices. This broadcasting violates HIPAA and other federal privacy laws. If there is a valid reason for our phones to be monitored (for example, there is warrant or court order), they should be monitored only by the proper authorities (police, FBI) and no one else.

3. Stop the distribution of old spy photos, videos, audio recordings. This is illegal and very harmful to us, personally and professionally.

4. Limit current forms of surveillance. There is no good reason for us to be under surveillance anywhere, but if it must be so, it should be time-limited, and it certainly should not occur in our bedrooms and bathrooms.

5. End all uses of trauma-based psychology connected to MK ULTRA research. Even those techniques that mayseem "mild" can potentially trigger severe responses in sensitive individuals. Perhaps the worst thing about this is the destruction of medical ethics and the fear and mistrust it engenders. 6. Accept the scientific evidence that cannabis is a valid, safe, and important tool for healing many health conditions, and stop allowing others to retaliate against us for using it.

7. Develop a plan to bring this all to a lasting, legally binding, peaceful resolution, ending the surveillance and protecting us from future releases of chis ill-gotten material. As American citizens and decent human beings, do not think we should be expected to live forever under threat of coercion and blackmail.


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