Disinformation is the deliberate propagation and spreading of false information with intent to deceive. The current Wikipedia page on disinformation is almost entirely focused on Soviet era Russian disinformation tactics, and the idea that disinformation is a wartime tactic. This indicates there is a lot about the role of disinformation in the US that is being omitted.

Disinformation around my husband Chris, my daughter, and me, and almost certainly about us, is focused, relentless, sophisticated.

The press is complicit in these disinformation campaigns and help to cover them up by falsely identifying purveyors as disinformation as "conspiracy theorists" and disinformation campaigns as "conspiracy theories." The very term "conspiracy theory" is arguably itself disinformation, being as that in science, a theory is considered to be a sound, tested, logic-and-evidence supported idea, not wild, weakly supported conjecture.

The press, along with the medical establishment, further muddies the waters when they arm-chair diagnose purveyors of disinformation as "deluded" or otherwise somehow "mentally ill." I'm not sure there is a DSM diagnoses for greed and craven opportunism though there probably should be.

Many of the best known so-called "conspiracy theories" appear to actually be coordinated and centralized disinformation campaigns, or they started out as disinformation campaigns and in some cases morphed into something else. This includes, I believe, the various so-called "truther" movements like 9/11 conspiracy theories, misdirection about the JFK assassination, and the various campaigns casting doubt on the veracity of mass casualty events like Sandy Hook. Pizzagate and Q-anon also both fit into this category, as do, I believe aspects of the "chemtrails" idea, and a lot of stuff about UFOs. The thing that makes disinformation so tricky is the way it mixes bad information in with good information so that good information is smeared by association. But because of the chill around this crime, sometimes the only way you can find good information is by trying to pry it apart from bad information. I believe the reason these different disinformation campaigns ("conspiracy theories") exist is because there is, in fact, something being hidden about all of these events from the JFK assassination to January 2021's capitol insurrection. The disinformation is largely about misdirection - keeping inquiring minds off the correct path by deliberately luring and guiding research down false trails.

April 24, 2021 - part 1
"Targeted Individuals" as disinformation agents, attackers, assassins 1

April 24, 2021 - part 2
"Targeted Individuals" as disinformation agents, attackers, assassins 2