Implants, Wireless Medical Body Area Networks

using a frequency scanner to detect implants

I got the idea to purchase this piece of equipment and scan myself as well as my apartment for bugs based on a series of videos made by Katherine Horton. It turned out that Horton is a disinformation agent who is actually involved in directed energy attacks. Not everything Horton did or said was false - it is the mixup of truthful and false information that gives disinformation its power (truth is smeared by its proximity to and confusion with lies) - and in fact the idea of using a scanner like this to find implanted devices was a good one. I don't have any reason to believe Horton's self-scanning videos are falsified, either. She is implanted with a body area network, as is most likely everyone involved in this situation at this level. I had a dream saying that some of the implants in Katherine's body were placed during a time when she and her family were visiting in the US.

I sold my most prized possession (a 1964 Fender Mustang guitar) to purchase this bug scanner in order to get visible evidence of the implanted devices I by this point already knew were in my body. As a bonus, I was also able to learn about some of the ways that my apartment has been rigged with bugs and wireless controls.

Even with this device, efforts at bug scanning, and efforts at documentation have been sabotaged in a number of ways. The device can be remotely sabotaged, as can my phone camera. It is obvious, based on the efforts made to sabotage the process of scanning and documenting implants, that the implants are extremely important - that they are key to the medical manipulation, mind control, sex trafficking, and assassination system. It also appears increasingly clear that one of the main entities behind these implants, possibly the main entity behind them, is the FBI. It's increasingly clear the FBI is deeply involved in this, to the point that they may even see management of this crime - and its underlying ideological agenda - as their real mission. To this end, they have used the most brutal COINTELPRO, attack, brainwashing, and assassination techniques on my maternal family and my daughter's family. They have been particularly brutal to Chris.

October 16, 2017
using bug detector to find implants in head, body - there is a longer (18 minute) version of this video showing some of the sabotage efforts I was dealing with (frequency flooding)

October 27, 2017
neck pain from implants

October 27, 2017
detecting implants in eyes