Visible Injuries from Beam Weapons and Implant Networks

It appears that all kinds of cell damage can be created by wireless MBANs and beam weapons. Some injuries can be felt, some cannot. Some injuries can be seen, some cannot. It's clear that the people who wield these weapons know how to precisely create a number of diseases - temporary violent illnesses, long-term chronic illnesses, terminal illnesses, catastrophic medical events, and that this is regularly done to "settle scores" or eliminate competition, witnesses, potential legal threats (assassinations for hire) to engender trauma (murders done in order to traumatize, terrorize, and control family members), for sport (involving bounties, pots of money as prizes), for political strategy (political assassinations - strategically timing the expiration date, for example, of a Supreme Court Justice), and to make more money (medical insurance fraud, theft).

When injuries or effects from frequency-based weapons are detected and brought to the attention of a doctor, my experience is the doctors inevitably cover up the crime by attributing the injuries to some other disease process. Therefore, doctors and hospital systems end up being complicit in the murders, even when they are not the ones directly doing damage. However, it appears that the more sophisticated manipulations are in fact done by doctors and hospital systems.

Injury Documentation