Medical Abuse and Deliberate Misdiagnoses Used as Cover

image shows microwave weapon burns on my face

Misdiagnosis is used to misdirect and cover up signs of medical, psychological, biological, or directed energy weapons abuse, murders, and abuse with intent to murder. What ends up happening is victims like Chris are openly harmed are not helped before it's too late even if the crime is reported. What happens is we have thousands and thousands of murders which are falsely categorized as natural or accidental deaths. And big problems never get solved because we're willfully ignoring the biggest piece of the puzzle - how frequency-based mind control technology is used in crime.

In my case, decades of torture through implants in my back and neck and sometimes in other areas of my body is called "chronic pain." Microwave burns to my face and hands are called "rashes." Markings from the weapons are called "signs of aging" and damage to my eyes is called "sun damage" (even though I'm rarely out in the sun and never without a hat). In fact the effects of the weapons may look like other things, but these things are only natural as much as a black eye from a punch is natural.

Psychological misdiagnosis is used along with other techniques including various types of directed energy attacks to the brain, deliberate provocation, and gaslighting to sabotage, torment and discredit. All of this seems to be a well-honed toolbox of techniques, so there's no doubt I'm not the first one, or the only one, to suffer this way. As soon as I began to complain about the crime, police, doctors, and even my own mother labeled me "paranoid and delusional." The reality is that all of the people who called me "delusional" have something to gain from keeping the crime, and their links to the crime, covered.

Types and Instances of Misdiagnosis

Here is a list of psychological misdiagnoses I've found in my medical records.

  • anxiety state
  • bipolar disorder
  • brief psychotic disorder
  • cannabis use disorder
  • major depressive disorder
  • schizophrenia
  • delusional disorder (persecutory type)

More information

Misdiagnoses of visibile injuries

Psychological misdiagnoses is used to discount and discredit reported experiences of crime, especially crimes involving these privileged families and the organized harassment teams they operate. Other types of misdiagnoses are used to discount and discredit visible effects of attacks related to the crime, especially directed energy attacks.

In my case, multigenerational misdiagnosis and abuse is also a factor.