Dr Shai Rosenfeld

Having received frustratingly poor medical care since 2011 from OHSU and Multnomah County Health Department, in 2018 I thought I would try Providence Health Systems since up until about 2018 I'd had relatively good experiences with their Emergency Care. Providence first assigned me a doctor named, I believe, Dr White - but I never saw that doctor. They then assigned Dr Rosenfeld as my primary care provider. Because I'd had so many problems with my medical records, and because my requests to document my medical visits with audiorecording had been so consistently refused by all three medical systems I'd been using (Multnomah Co, OHSU, and Providence), I decided to plan well ahead, composing a detailed letter explaining why I wanted to audio record my medical visits, and expressing that I was amendable to working out specific terms of recording with the clinic, etc. The result was that the clinic and Dr Rosenfeld gave me permission to audio record the visits. However, these recordings are among the evidence that has been tampered with. In addition, the letter I wrote to the clinic manager (first name Heather) making the request to record, and explaining what it was important (accountability) - has since disappeared from my personal files. In early 2020, after Rosenfeld and I parted ways, this same clinic manager pushed me out of the clinic, even though another doctor there had agreed to take me on as a patient. Since then, my experiences at Providence continue to be problematic.

I do not have a recording of the first visit with Dr Rosenfeld, though I must have made one. I know that my memory of the visit is very different from the depiction I see in the medical record.

There was an attempt to sabotage the recording of the second visit (11/11/19) by deleting the first half of the file, but I found a backup file which had not been disrupted. I know there is a discrepancy between how the recorded visit went and what appeared in my records, but when I went back to my records this time to compare, I found this specific record for 11/11/19 has been removed from my files and is not available in my online charts. I'll have to do another records request.

What I ended up finding out about Rosenfeld through other means is that he personally is involved in implant manipulations, probably including manipulations of my the implant networks in my daughter's body. He is a threat to me and to my daughter.

Shai Rosenfeld visit 11/11/19