As I've described elsewhere, it was on January 20, 2014 that I came to realize there had been a profound violation of privacy in my home in the form of unlawful, intrusive, and deliberately harmful surveillance that was not just being collected from inside private spaces in our home, but was being widely distributed.

Having discovered this, I thought the best thing to do would be to report it to police, believing that they would either investigate it or at least take a report and start a paper trail. Instead, I met with an officer who tricked me into coming with him to a hospital emergency room where they falsified documents and attempted to place me on an involuntary psychiatric hold.

In 2015 I requested a copy of the medical records associated with this event, and that is when I saw the falsifications. (I've requested, but have never been shown any police records linked to me.) Also in 2015 I filed a request with Adventist Hospital to remove the falsifications from my records, but never heard back. Hoping to address this in court, I wrote an affidavit explaining what had actually happened on January 20, 2015 and why I believe the medical records are fraudulent.

notary stamp from affidavit