Report sent through FBI tip line re: implanted crown

submitted through FBI online form December 9, 2019

Type of crime: Terrorism

I've tried to report this crime in a larger scope - but I have a very immediate concern in the form of a specific crown on tooth 14 which was manufactured and placed in my mouth by Willamette Dental in fall of 2014. About August 1, 2017 it began to be clear to me that I had implants all over in my body, including in dental work, I believe because Army intelligence was trying to help me by activating the implants so I could feel them. I've detailed some of this in this web directory: (2021 note: the information on this website "anatomy of a crime" is more up to date than that in this legacy link above)

October 2017 I purchased a wide-range RF tracer and used it to confirm that there is in fact a network of frequency "pings" coming off of my body, including my dental work, specifically resin fillings on the upper right side of my mouth, all from 1986-87, and both crowns in my mouth, one on the left central incisor (tooth #9) from about 1993, and the newest one on the left second molar (tooth #14). It is this last tooth that is my immediate concern, and I think it is because of who has access to it, which I believe are various people linked with organized crime, including foreign groups (Russian, possibly), and family members who want to assassinate me, probably in order to hide other crimes they've been involved in, including other frequency or medical linked assassinations/murders.

Once I confirmed that frequencies were indeed coming from my this particular crown (Oct 2017), I called Willamette Dental to complain, but I didn't pursue it at the time as it was clear to me by then that it was a fruitless effort - I'd been trying to address other implants via doctors offices and was rewarded with increasingly fabricated and falsified records. Also, as soon as I complained to Willamette Dental back in 2017, the tooth began to feel better, and I stopped detecting the pings. The crown is only one of many implanted areas in my body, so I let it go and focused my efforts on trying to resolve the larger situation, a situation I've already brought to the attention of the FBI.

Recently, however, the situation has worsened and for whatever reason, whoever is attached to this particular crown has decided to attack me on and around the crown. It's been made clear to me by various people in various coded manners that this is a planned assassination for hire - that they will try to create a catastrophic medical event like an aneurism, or they will cause a terminal cancer via frequency based weaponry interacting with this crown, and possibly with the other hardware in my head, neck, or around my other organs, some of which can be seen in this playlist and here is a video from January where I talk about my dental work issues, and this crown specifically

Tooth 14 continued to give me problems, and I knew by July 2019 I had to get the crown replaced. The dentist at the time told me they could not replace the crown, only extract the tooth - a problematic thing, being as it's the biggest tooth in my mouth. And the truth is, I have learned I cannot trust what doctors and dentists are telling me. There is something much bigger going on in the background which is causing them to lie to, and about me, regularly, even to the point of putting me in serious danger. So after thinking about it for some time, and as the tooth became increasingly problematic, I knew I had to get the crown off, but I wasn't ready to extract the entire tooth.

On November 21 I asked my dentist Jennifer H Nguyen to remove the crown, and replace it with a temporary crown, and put off an extraction in hopes that the other issues around medical and dental care anomalies could be sorted first. Because I understood this was a life-threatening situation I also took the unusual step of covertly recording the visit. Based on previous experience trying to record medical visits, I knew they were not likely to approve me making an audio-recording; this is why I didn't inform them. I am trying to save my own life.

Dr. Nguyen refused to do the work, but told me I could request to have the work done by another dentist. However, when I tried to make an appointment to get this done, I was intercepted by a woman named Sheida Kharrazi ("Managing Dentist" at Willamette Dental) and another woman named Stephanie Holguin. Kharrazi informed me that Willamette dental would not remove the crown. When I protested, saying it's an emergency, Holguin assured me that she'd take my request to a committee who would have an answer by the same afternoon.

As I travelled home that day, guys started kind of appearing around me, sort of looming. One greeted me as if he knew me, but I didn't know him. All of these men were black, and they seemed to be African. Two of them are caught on briefly on videos I made coming home - and there is a third who is sitting at the top of the steps to the 60th avenue max, staring solemnly down to the train platform.

Also, since that day, I've been attacked around this crown. I'm being attacked now as I write this. It feels like my brain is being made to swell. I've also experienced swelling of the left side of my neck below the crown, and heating of the tooth itself - something I've noticed off and on ever since the crown was placed. Meanwhile, Willamette Dental has not definitively said the will not remove the crown (at my expense!) but they keep pushing out their response time longer and longer and refused a request to expedite. I believe that Willamette Dental is deliberately placing me in harms way, and, based on past experiences in medicine, I'm very concerned that should I try to go to another dentist to address this issue, I will have the exact same problem.

The reason I think this is terrorism is because it appears to be a strong arm type of behavior control enacted through medical systems, with a goal of total control. I have already told the FBI I am a human trafficking victim, and so is my daughter. We've been trafficked via surveillance devices and through medical systems in various ways. I am trying to end this, and to bring about resolution, restoration of our rights. Meanwhile, a whole bunch of crime has been going on around me, and it's clear that they want to continue the crimes and make sure they are never held accountable.

I do feel this is an emergency, however, my experience has been that reporting this kind of thing to police results in retaliatory activity and more falsified reports.

Right now, as I write, the left side of my tongue and neck feel inflamed, and it feels like my brain is being heated. I am at a loss about what to do. Ideally, I wish law enforcement would ensure the crown is removed immediately, and find out who is tied to.

Seeking help from law enforcement