Seeking help from law enforcement

FBI and police

The roles of police and FBI are covert and appear to be designed to protect the crime and the criminals and prevent victims from receiving justice. I don't know how many others are experiencing what I experience in terms of fraud, trafficking, abuse, and attacks with frequency-based weapons, but I am aware there is a special focus on me and on my maternal family line.

I believe that, at least here in Portland, and I think also in California, police and black bag ops work with different groups including the medical industry. The links may be through finance and/or fraternal organizations. A lot of the attackers do not explicitly work for law enforcement, but having tried for years to address this crime, report the crime, and trace down its origins, I find that all signs point strongly to police protecting and facilitating the crime, and the medical industry being central in carrying it out and profiting from the illnesses and injuries that result from these attacks.

Were law enforcement not involved in this crime, they certainly would have brought it to an end by now. It's a very big crime, opening pretty openly, so a genuine FBI investigation would have been enough to shut it down. It appears that there is a sort of inversion going on in which unelected citizens hold some type of secret privilege which enables them to extrajudicially weaponize police against other citizens. These citizens include Tim and Becky White of Wasilla, Alaska and Michael Payne of Fox Island, Washington. They in turn seem to work on behalf of an international organized crime syndicate centered in Mallorca, Spain, and in fact it appears that some of the manufactured mind-control events created by these entities have could be, and I have been, categorized as acts of war. Other events may not be considered acts of war but are devastating nonetheless, and this includes mass casualty events.

Police communicate regularly via news feeds and through these communications I've sensed signs that they are well aware of what is behind a lot of the murders and other unusual deaths they've witnessed, investigated, or been involved in, from the homocide of George Floyd in Minneapolis to the suicide of Janet Leak Garcia in Takoma Park, Maryland, and that this has been normalized to them. My sense is that they've been given orders from a higher source not to investigate this crime. The US Attorney General is the top level of this network, and this is a cabinet position, making the police and FBI executive (Presidential) powers. Thus, from my perspective, the buck stops at the desk of the US President.

image of President Harry Truman's desk sign reading 'the buck stops here'

Working under the US Attorney General, Police and FBI are Executive Powers, but they, as well as the Execuitive are supposed to follow US laws, of which the US Constitution, including the Bill of Rights, is the Supreme Law

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Stop In The Name of (the Law)