Surveillance Abuse

A crux of this crime is surveillance abuse. It appears that the surveillance is linked to the "eye of God" hovering over the pyramid base on the back side of the Great Seal of the United States. This might seem to lend this surveillance a legitimacy it doesn't deserve. In fact, generally speaking, seals, flags, currency, and heraldry all seem to regularly and consistently make reference to this situation, again, linking it to tradition and making it seem legitimate, but to whatever extent this was something traditional that served a purpose in times past, both activity and the technical means used to carry out the activity have clearly changed tremendously over the centuries, as have notions of what kind of treatment of human beings is appropriate.

I've discerned that in years past, spying was done with moles and rats (as it is today), and by using technology as advanced as peepholes, telescopes, and stilts. There were no photos, no audio recordings, no telegraph, telephone, telegram, or interent. Information was passed by word of mouth, in sign language, in written letters, and through art (painting, sculpture, etc). Today, though some of that remains, it's a completely different situation.

First of all, this seems to be an extra-national situation, but with the U.S. in a central position because Chris and my family (scion) lines have been centered. His family line has been in this country since the 1600s while my family has been in this country since the 1800s. But a lot of the set ups around this are coming from a group operating from outside the United States that is associated with Mallorca, Spain. I have been calling this an organized crime group but they are more than that - they appear to be carrying on some old occult traditions linked to Roman alchemy and secret warfare tactics. To this end, they are linked to serious crime being run through police and hospital systems in the USA and I believe also in Canada, the UK, and Europe.

The surveillance, therefore, is not just visual and auditory surveillance, but it includes surveillance of thoughts, feelings, biological functions. And it's not just surveillance, it's manipulations, set-ups, and every kind of imaginable trafficking linked to this kind of thing.

how the surveillance works in the US

At the most basic level, this appears to be how the surveillance works in the US. With regards to me and to my family, it is everywhere, and inescapable without support from the State, that much is clear. What is less clear is who has access to what types of surveillance, and how the surveillance is distributed, other than it seems to be via cloud-based servers. It is not clear what kinds of things are being created and distributed to whom - except that the surveillance of us and stories told about us are clearly intended to be damaging, or more specifically, that is what finance is promoting - damaging, defiling, explicit, and defamatory materials. It appears that this is being promoted as some sort of "trial" but it makes a mockery out of the very notion of a vetting process, fair trial, or justice as there is no way for me (or my daughter) to see what is being put out, or who is putting it out, so there is no way to hear or to address accusations or to defend ourselves from false or misleading stories or materials. In fact, this isn't really intended to be a trial. The real intent is to make us into human sacrifices and force the whole world to go along with this murderous plot and with every other aspect of the crime, some of which (like the relentless and systematic abuse of children) may not be widely known.

So how do they pull this off? The key is global finance and the infiltration of systems which are supposed to protect people - political offices, law enforcement, and hospital systems. Whether these organizations are publicly or privately funded seems to make little difference, because the lawlessness is so complete. Everyone, including the press, is under omertá, and everyone is obligated to blacklist and deceive as ordered, thus obliterating Americans' normal expectation of protection under the First Amendment.

There is surveillance through CCT cameras of course, but this is the most obvious type. Where there are no visible CCT cameras, visual (and probably auditory) surveillance devices seem to be most commonly located in fire sprinklers. This is true in public areas, and in areas where one should normally have a reasonable expectation of privacy such as inside apartments, hotel rooms, locker rooms, department store changing rooms, and in the stalls of public bathrooms. This kind of surveillance can only be pulled off with the full cooperation of police and fire departments. I believe that this is monitored by police working through fraternal organizations (all under full if covert blessings of the federal government) who in turn work on behalf of this international crime syndicate. What I think is going on is that the data is picked up by very small specialized cameras and then transmitted wirelessly to receivers located in various places - either a security office, or a car or a van parked outside, or increasingly it appears, the information is being picked up from the devices and transmitted worldwide by specialized drones hidden in the clouds above homes, hospitals, and public schools.

There are other places where surveillance devices are hidden, such as light fixtures (including street lamps), smoke alarms, and within the walls themselves. In addition, your phone or computer seem to be easily hijacked for the purpose of surveillance, and in my case, and I think increasingly, the most destructive type of surveillance and manipulation is linked to covert body area networks. This is also the source of the biggest cover up, presumably for a few reasons - first because the technology employed is far beyond anything that our governments (plural) have ever admitted exists - second because this type of technology has actually been in use for over 100 years (though it's far more advanced now than it was in the early 20th century) - third, because the existence of this technology is actually quite simple to detect (it basically just requires access to a high-quality bug detector), and fourth, because to truly expose this technology and how it's being used would almost certainly blow the crime out of the water.

A lot of effort goes into covering up this crime in all its different aspects - this includes disinformation campaigns, some disguised as conspiracy theories, others disguised as conspiracy theory debunkers - pseudoscientific explanations for certain phenomena (like telepathy or premonitions in dreams)* and attributing more "normal" or accepted explanations to things that don't really fit, or which are fitting into a different type of pattern. The rejection of pattern-based evidence in general goes a long way to covering up this crime - if every mass shooting, for example, is looked at in isolation, you might miss the bigger patterns at work. Similarly, if you suffer from a number of medical conditions linked to a body area network, you'll find doctors looking at each condition in isolation and finding a normal seeming explanation for it (often including patient blaming). The medical devices themselves are designed for stealth and you might have them inside your body for decades with no idea they are there. I now know I've had implanted devices in my body probably since the day I was born.

With regards to who is monitoring this surveillance, it appears to include police, doctors, and citizens who are privileged within this crime network. The system seems to be inverted so that these citizens are actually empowered to give orders - including unlawful orders - to police and doctors and politicians up to and including the US President, or perhaps more accurately they pay and/or coerce police, doctors, and politicians for corrupt behaviors. Coercion seems to be a big part of how this network operates and with medical implants (which can be used to maim and murder) and total surveillance powers (including the ability to distribute unlawfully acquired surveillance) one can see how, with law enforcement, hospital systems, and the press co-opted and disabled, our entire government could end up being significantly compromised.

Individuals who are high up in this system - by which I mean they seem to be in the position of collecting and distributing millions if not billions of dollars for corrupt purposes - include Michael Payne of Pierce County, Washington (Fox Island); Tim and Rebecca White of Wasilla, Alaska; and Courtney Love Cobain. Why these individuals specifically? It seems that what is required to advance to this kind of position within the network is for a person to have a historical link to either Chris Newman or to me, and then for the person to be involved in crimes (murders, mainly) that ensure their need to protect and be protected by the larger network. All of these individuals fit those categories.


* I recently saw there was an entire television series devoted to children who one day start speaking a foreign language or who appear to assume the identity of someone long dead. You can google to find many claims being made of this kind of thing occurring. In the television series, they offered only one explanation - that the child had been re-incarnated from the dead. In fact I can see how the type of technology that's been used on me for as long as I can remember could be used to create this kind of phenomenon. I consider the field of parapsychology to be a form of disinformation - slight of hand disguised as scientific inquiry.

A similar but quite different version of this has to do with frequency-based manipulations of weather, specifically moisture. On June 17, 1981 when I was 13 years old, a stream of water appeared to form out of thin air and rain down on a chai in my bedroom. (Here is a 2019 video of me reading associated journal entry) It was not raining outside and there was no sign of a leak in the ceiling. This was paired with other creepy things including glass bottles mysteriously clinking in the pantry. This was all so strange it stuck with me for years and having read books about parapsychology I thought it was a "poltergeist." Years later, with Google, I even found evidence of something called a "water poltergeist." However, once I became aware of the existence of frequency based technology, this kind of thing and similar but even more astounding phenomena were demonstrated to me. It appears that with enough moisture (fog, clouds) in the air, it is actually not that difficult to create precisely targeted drops or even streams of water falling out of the sky, even from inside a building.