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Frequency-based attacks

My experience with frequency-based technology is long and complex. A Year In The Life documents some of the severe microwave weapons assaults I've experienced. However it appears I've been a subject of both trauma-based mind control and frequency-based mind control going back to birth, and in fact, my family has been a subject of this control going back at least 14 generations or 500 years. So there is a long framework around what I've been experiencing, and in fact some of it has been intended to HELP me - within the very unusual confines of this framework.

Part of what I am trying to do is to understand how mind control works - especially biological manipulations done to brains and bodies with frequency-based technologies - and to communicate what I've learned, because it's clear to me that this tech is being used on many people. Most people seem to be unaware this is going on, and to have trouble understanding how it is possible. Others know, but pretend not to know.

Additional information can be found in some of my affidavits and YouTube videos/documentation.