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Since the Klamath fish kill of September 2002, there have been many articles published about the river and surrounding issues. Keeping up with them has been a bit overwhelming.

Being a person that likes simplicity, I have chosen to clear out all but the most permanent links to more long-lived information, with emphasis on the voices of the Indigenous people of the Klamath watershed, especially Yurok, Karuk, and Hupa voices. The other stuff can be found elsewhere (try a google search on klamath salmon).

The links on this page are provided as a compliment to the very personal perspective provided on the rest of this site. I wish to focus on the fact that native fish populations are vital to the survival of one of the greatest western rivers and its people.

Anyone who requires additional resources (archived news links) can contact me directly.

Erika Meyer 11/05/2003

Indian Country Today

For the Yurok, salmon is everything 10/04/02
Grieving for the Salmon Nation 10/04/02
Fish Kills: Klamath chinook suffer massive die-off 10/04/02

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Fish Sniffer Online: West Coast Fishing News - Dan Bacher - contains several articles about the Klamath and related issues. This site was one of the first to disseminate timely information about the 2002 Klamath salmon kill.
Salmon Coalition -- Trinity and Klamath Rivers
Indian Water Resources News
Testimony of Troy Fletcher
Executive Director, Yurok Tribe
On Water Management and Endangered Species Act Issues in the Klamath Basin
Before the House Committee on Resources 6/16/01
Klamath Salmon Natural History Library
Mending the Klamath Watershed: Yurok Tribe and Simpson Timber Rasa Gustaitis, California Coastal Conservancy Coast & Ocean Magazine Autumn 1998
Northern California Indian Development Council

Yurok Links

Native Languages of the Americas: Yurok Native Languages of the Americas
Yurok ethnographic info (San Francisco State)
Yurok CTC Fish Kill Links